January 24, 2020

Sigekiya Ramen is Now Open at Estancia Mall!

If I am to be very, very honest, when I think of comfort food, it’s not ramen that comes to my mind. But I have friends and I know a lot of people who consider ramen as something that soothes their souls and taste buds. But if you serve me ramen, I will never say no to it; because it is Japanese food and that cuisine is my favorite of all. And with tsukemen, it’s another story altogether.

Sigekiya first opened in 2016 at Commercenter, Alabang and has become a favorite ramen destination for people from the South. After three branches in that area and four years later, they finally decided to bring what Sigekiya has to offer to ramen-lovers to people from the Central and East of Metro Manila, by opening their newest branch at also a new space – The East Wing of Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, Pasig City.

Most ramen places in Metro Manila only focuses with just ramens and other appetizers, but Sigekiya Ramen also brings to the forefront the lesser known variety of ramen which is the tsukemen. Moreover, their signature ramen uses pork meat broth rather than the usual pork bones, creating a thick soup that’s tastier.

I rarely go to the South, firstly, it’s so far from where I live and two, I really don’t have any business going there. Like in a year, I go south less than five times, so I really don’t have the chance to check out restaurants from that area. So, I’m lucky enough to finally try Sigekiya with my foodie friends in Estancia mall, one fine Sunday afternoon.

We tried a variety of ramens and tsukemens, plus other dishes:

Sigekiya Ramen – thick noodles, pork meat broth, topped with chasu slices, mushrooms, greens and nori. Like I said a while back Sigekiya’s signature uses pork meat broth rather than the usual pork bones, creating a thick soup that’s tastier. I also like their large and thick chasu that is grilled and has that smoky flavor. This comes in two sizes, small and regular. Their small version is already in a big bowl and the regular is double that size that can already two persons!

Gojira Ramen – this is Sigekiya’s garlic-based ramen. The name Gojira is actually the Japanese name of Godzilla. They maybe named this ramen that because of its monstrous or huge size and the amount of flavor in this ramen bowl. It has so much chopped garlic, that at first, I didn’t know how a ramen would taste with so I was a little hesitant. But to my surprise the taste was really so good that I ended up loving this ramen variant, it actually my top 1 ramen at Sigekiya. A must try!

Shirunashi Ramen – another garlic-based ramen but topped with egg that you should mix while its hot and renders a super thick, garlicky soup/broth. This is topped with loads of shredded cabbage, toasted garlic and fresh finely chopped garlic plus two thick slices of grilled chasu. This was super tasty too!

Tsukemen – tsukemen is a ramen consisting of noodles which are eaten after being dipped in a separate bowl of soup or broth. Most people don’t know this type of Ramen and I only learned about it last year when I visited a ramen house in Greenhills and if I’m being honest, I like this type of ramen better than the soupy one. This one's soup/sauce is just made of plain signature Sigekiya pork broth.

Tsukemen Gyokai – Th is variant is gyokai which is a combination of pork and fish broth. The combination brings out so much flavor that though only a little soup/sauce coats the noodles, it’s very tasty. My fave among all the tsukemen that I have tried from Sigekiya.

Tsukemen Curry – another dipping noodle ramen dish at Sigekiya where the broth is mixed with Japanese curry. My friends who like Japanese curry really enjoyed this one.

Tantanmen – this variety of ramen which broth is a spicy, chili flavored that's made creamy with the addition of peanut butter and/or sesame paste. Then the bowls are topped with a mixture of ground pork. I also love this one because of its spicy kick.

Gyoza – Japanese pan-fried dumplings filled with minced meat and chopped veggies. I’m not kidding when I say when Sigekiya’s gyoza are the biggest I’ve seen so far. Unlike most gyoza, where you can pop one whole thing inside your mouth, this one you can’t, I need to cut it in half! They’re really good too plus they’re perfectly cooked, steamed and then pan fried a little bit for that little golden brown charring.

Karaage – chicken thigh fillet coated in potato starch and then deep fried. Sigekiya's karaage is one of the bests I've tried. The meat is super juicy and tasty yet the coating is not greasy. At Sigekiya they pair it with a sweet-sour chili sauce but you can ask for some Japanese mayo and that's a better dipping sauce in my opinion.

Okonomiyaki – this is a savory version of Japanese pancake, and one of my fave Japanese dish. This one is with pork, veggies and topped with Japanese mayo and loads of Bonito flakes served in a mini-skillet pan. Sigekiya creates their okonomiyaki in a smaller size than the usual because they want it to be consumed as a side dish with the ramen.

I saw on their menu that they have other Japanese dishes like donburis which I would love to try as well. I hope you can visit Sigekiya soon and try what they have to offer, and I'm pretty sure, you'll enjoy their food too, like me and my foodie friends did.

Lower Ground, East Wing, Estancia Mall,
Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City
Email: sigekiyaramen@gmail.com

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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