January 25, 2020

5 Questions to Help You Decide on an All-inclusive Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding on your own is more than overwhelming. If you are all set to have your dream wedding, then better start planning well in advance. However doesn't it seem a little too stressful to get ready for the wedding, choose your outfits, decide the guest list, the venue and take care of so many other details? Relax, help is nearby. Heard of the new lifesaver? It's the All-Inclusive wedding venue that comes with a wedding planner! Yes, you heard it right. Everything is included and you have the assistance from an expert wedding planner as well. Let us go right into the details of this awesome idea.

As the name suggests, the All-inclusive wedding venue is super convenient as you have everything you have dreamt of arranged in one place. The main purpose of hiring a wedding planner is to get things done consistently and thoroughly. You should have a list of your requirements before meeting the planner at the venue. Then discuss with him/her regarding your choices, likes, dislikes and dream wedding plans.

Are you holding both the wedding and the reception at the same venue?
Some venues can provide accommodation for the parties involved. Some couples would love to have their wedding ceremony and the reception at the same venue for the convenience of the guests, especially if it is a destination wedding. Check with the planner and see if the venue can provide facilities for both purposes.

Are caterers included in the venue?
Most of the all-inclusive wedding venues have deals with caterers and you can select your menu after checking their plans. This is very convenient in wedding venues in Shreveport as otherwise, you will have to arrange the food, drinks and other refreshments from other vendors. Having an in house caterer at the venue is more reliable and trustworthy.

What is the total cost- is it affordable or not?
Always make sure that the cost of the venue and services provide fall within your budget. Calculate the expenses that could have occurred if you were organizing it all by yourself. Then compare this with the detailed budget that will be required at the all-inclusive venue. Take into account the mental stress and physical efforts of bringing everything together at the right place and time as well.

Are Additional accessories easily available?
You should also consider if rentals like linen, decorations, centerpieces, music system, lighting, silverware, tables, chairs, etc are provided for at the venue. These accessories should also be taken into account when calculating the expenses.

Any worry about Seating arrangements?
At the wedding venue, when hiring a wedding planner, you can also get the comfort of knowing that your guests will be seated comfortably. They will be taken care of by the reception committee and you can be assured that they will enjoy the function thoroughly.

A wedding is a lifetime event that should be memorable and fantastic. Make sure you hire an all-inclusive wedding venue so that you can enter a new phase of life happily and peacefully.

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