January 30, 2020

Trying Out Civet Coffee at Little Farmers Coffee Brim Now at Ayala Malls The 30th

Coffee ranks as one world's most valuable and widely traded commodity. People from all walks of life consume it on a daily basis and there are people who can go a day without coffee, and that includes myself. Many consider it as liquid gold, something that fuels their soul and body to get us going and allow us to function all through out the day.

Coffee beans are usually produced in what people call us the coffee belt which is the tropical regions of world. But they don’t just grow anywhere in the tropics; these crops are very picky on where they would grow best; the tastiest beans come from plants that are not only cultivated in warm, humid tropical environments, but in terrain that sits at high elevations.

This is why, in the Philippines, you would learn that the best coffees are produced in the mountainous region of the north of the main island of Luzon like in Benguet and Kalinga Apayao. The barako coffee also grows around the ridges of the caldera of the Taal or the surrounding Batangas volcanic fertile soil. This area is also colder than the lowlands.

Based on research, the warm days and cold nights typical of this mountainous yet tropical environment somewhat shocks the natural chemicals in coffee fruits that make coffee taste delicious into the bean. That magical combination of heat, humidity, rainfall, elevation, and soil quality affects the bean so precisely that one plant could have a radically different taste from another plant grown just a few feet away.

This is why Benguet and Kalinga coffees are widely regarded as the best in the Philippines. And if you have no time to get to the North just to enjoy a cup of coffee made from those precious beans, well, you are just in luck because a new player in the coffee industry, Little Farmers Coffee Brim, will serve you up with that.

Little Farmers Coffee Brim is brand that originated in the Visayas region, mostly their stores are in Bacolod and Cebu. Little Farmers is company specializing in the wholesaling and retailing of roasted and raw coffee beans. Their coffees are all sourced directly from local farmers making it a single origin type of coffee.

Little Farmers Coffee Brim is an on-the-go coffee kiosk with 5 branches in Bacolod City, 3 branches in Cebu, 2 branches in Iloilo and 4 branches here in Metro Manila (SM Megamall, SM Makati, Pioneer Center Pasig & Ayala Malls the 30th). I recently opened their new branch in Ayala Malls The 30th in Pasig. You can have your coffee brewed in store or buy coffee beans (grounded to the consistency that you prefer or just the plain beans). There isn’t many of this type of coffee store in Manila, I’ve only seen two of them, one is this branch and one in a social media post which is a brand from Baguio (and whose branch is also in Baguio). Although my friend James said this kind of coffee shop is very prevalent in Vietnam.

Little Farmers Coffee Brim offers a line of dark roasted coffee, medium roasted coffee and flavor-infused coffee. For the medium & dark roast, it’s usually Dark roast = low caffeine content (but strong flavour) & medium roast = high caffeine content yet light flavours. As for the flavored ones, the beans are roasted with infused oil based on the flavor like Bailey’s, Mocha or Macadamia. All of the coffee tasted as described, we tried one from each category, both plain, with muscovado sugar and then with muscovado sugar and creamer. It really depends on your preference, but each mixture is good and really aromatic.

They also offer one of the world's most expensive coffees - the Civet Coffee! It's super aromatic and have this strong full-bodied flavor as well! And no, it doesn’t taste like poop. The civet cat feeds on these coffee beans and the coffee beans gets fermented while being digested. Civet coffee is being collected from the droppings of the mountain civet cats. This is why they are so rare and expensive, because the farmers gather them manually on the forest floor.

Even while the Civet coffee beans were being grounded, you can already smell the strong aroma. After brewing the strong acidic aroma lingers and the taste of the coffee is just so strong. It’s good but quite expensive, a brewed cup from Little Farmers Coffee Brim costs 200 pesos, but I guess it’s worth it and at least I can finally say I’ve tried the Civet coffee.

LG Floor, Ayala Malls The 30th,
Meralco Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City
Email: info@littlefarmerscoffee.com

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