January 9, 2020

Spice Up Your Life with Jufran (Plus a #TaraySaSarap GIVEAWAY!)

I'm someone who's big with condiments because I like my food to be always tasty and have layers of flavors in it. Growing up, our kitchen has even a dedicated cabinet with myriads of condiments for our us to use whenever we feel like it. I don't think I have a particular condiment or bottled sauce that I didn't like. I'm not like my brother who doesn’t like vinegar or ketchup. I think he's kinda missing out since a lot of food really tastes well with vinegar and/or ketchup, right?!

Anyhoo, just last December I got first dibs on Jufran's new and some improved line of sauces which we got to try with several dishes from Bite of Hunan (that in another blog post). Check them out:

Jufran Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce – get that Thai spicy kick with the feisty taste of Jufran Sriracha Hot Chili sauce made from fresh red chilis from Taiwan. Best to pair with burgers, pizza, burrito, and more!

Jufran Banana Ketchup – go for a ketchup with a unique blend of fresh bananas and spices. Best partnered with fried fish, hotdog, chicken and many more.

Jufran Sriracha Ketchup – level up your ketchup experience with Jufran Sriracha ketchup. Your favorite tomato ketchup perfectly blended with the spicy kick of Sriracha. Perfect when partnered with fries, egg, mojos and more.

Jufran Red Hot Chili Sauce – try the fierce and fiery flavor of fresh chilies, and premium spices, in this Jufran chili sauce. Try with chicken poppers, pizza, tacos, and more.

Jufran Sweet Chili – taste the uniquely sweet and spicy fusion of the Jufran Sweet Chili sauce made with fresh bell peppers and premium fresh spices. Perfect pair with squid ball, lumpiang shanghai and many others.

Even with different meals there's always a Jufran to satisfy anyone's #FoodieFeels. Choose from a variety of unique and flavorful Jufran sauces. Mix and match them with your favorite food to make perfectly delicious combinations! Get these sauces at the nearest groceries or get this whole set at Lazada!

And oh, by the way, I'm giving away one set of this Jufran sauces! Giveaway details will be/is posted on my Instagram account: instagram.com/sandundermyfeet and Facebook page: facebook.com/SandUnderMyFeet16

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