January 17, 2020

Grillin Ape - Eastwood’s New Fast Casual Yakitori and Sake Joint

Could do believe that even though my number one favorite cuisine in the whole wide world is Japanese and that I have been travelling since 2009 that I have never been to the Land of the Rising Sun? One of my dream destinations is definitely Japan. I have always envisaged about the things that I would do when I go there.

I want to see the old castles and Shinto temples. To witness the sakura flowers bloom, see Mount Fuji, do a kimono wearing and tea ceremonies. And most of all, to eat my way throughout Japan. After all, food has the power to shape our travel memories. For now, I while I daydream my way to that day when I will finally set foot in Japan, and I plan to do that by discovering all the Japanese restaurants I can find in the metro.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I learned about this new Japanese restaurant that just opened in Eastwood City Cybermall. Grillin’ Ape is a fast-casual yakitori and sake place that went operational just last November 29. Grillin’ Ape brings unpretentious, modern and convenient yakitori meals to Manila; with their express dining concept incorporates technology, taste and art into every aspect of our brand belief. They believe in exciting all five senses when you dine with them and they have this mantra that everyone can "fine" dine daily at their convenient location in the city.

Grillin’ Ape’s little colorful nook will remind you of those holes-in-the-wall or izakayas in Japan; where you come in, eat some yakitori, drink sake and other Japanese fare. They serve contemporary yakitori and some fun and unique Japanese dishes. Their space can accommodate 18-20 people. If you can’t drop by, you can order via Grab Food and or Food Panda.

So, these are the items that we got to try when me and my friends visited Grillin’ Ape:

Chicken Liver Bacon Yakitori (ala carte) - I have nothing but love for these skewers! It's a simple dish but packed full of flavor and texture. The liver is soft, and the bacon is a little charred. It's an explosion of flavors in your mouth and obviously I highly recommend that you order this when you visit Grillin Ape.

Liver and Bacon Yakitori Bowl - rice meal with chicken liver bacon, chicken meatball, chicken fillet, corn skewers. If you like to try a variety of their yakitori, this is a good dish to order. Very filling and extra yummy too!

Lava Sushi Donut - sushi shaped like a donut with tempura, tamago, yuzu kyozu mayo and mozzarella cheese. Next to the chicken liver bacon yakitori, this is my favorite of all the dishes that we tried. The serving is ample and has so much flavor and texture too. I love the creamy tangy sauce complemented by the salty mozzarella cheese. This is another must try!

Bacon Udon - savory soup with udon noodles topped with bacon and cured egg. I like the stringy consistency of the noodles; the soup is tasty and who can resist bacon right?

Tempura Overload Sushi Rolls - one of the many sushi on the menu. Super flavorful, fun to eat and filling as well.

Crunchy Tempura Sushi Rolls - another must try from their sushi line. Between the two flavors that we tried, I liked this one better because of the crunchy aspect of it.

Gyoza - steamed and then pan-fried dumplings filled with ground pork and chives. These soft little pillows of joy and goodness are good appetizer or add-ons to any of their rice meals or noodles.

Grilled Bananas - one of the few desserts on Grillin' Ape's menu. These are saging na saba, grilled fresh and then drizzled with caramel sauce and confectioners’ sugar. They are super yummy and a great way to end your meal.

If you're from this area or working in Eastwood, Grillin' Ape is a must try because they serve something different from all the other restos you can find. Definitely gonna visit them again when I'm in Eastwood! Or maybe I’ll just have some delivered straight to my place via Grab Food or Food Panda.

3F Eastwood Cyber Mall,
Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City
Contact Nos: +63 9998831662
Email: grillinape.nin@gmail.com

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