March 29, 2018

4 Ways To Keep Your Cosmetics Clean And Spotless

Cleaning and keeping your makeup fresh and dirt free is essential since you use it put it on your face and other parts of your body. As these products rarely require an expiration date, you better use your sense to decide when it is time toss away a product or needs refreshment. There are easy ways to keep your makeup and makeup tools clean and disinfected so that you reduce the chance of getting a skin condition like rash or eye infections.

Cleaning your mascara and keeping it fresh is quite important. It is water based and as soon as you notice a change in color or smell you know you have to toss it out. You can clean the brush that comes with the bottle by putting her under the sink and apply slight pressure with your hands. In order to keep your mascara and eyeliner safe for a long time try keeping the air out of the bottle, seal it tight and avoid pumping it up and down, because it can spoil the liquid.

One of most frequently used tools in your cosmetic set is a brush. Why would you spend cleaning and washing your face properly with various products if you are going to spread bacteria over it by using a dirty makeup brush, order to keep you brush sanitized and clean you should run it under warm water and rinse it or pour a small amount of baby shampoo in a bowl or in your hand and carefully dab the brush and rinse again.

Another brush we have to keep in mind is the toothbrush. It sure contains a lot icky bacteria and germs. Rinse it thoroughly after every use and leave it an upright position to drive. Avoid leaving your toothbrush wet and leaning on an object, this way you connect it right with the bacteria. For an even better hygiene replace your toothbrush every three, four months.

Hairbrushes are another item you own that possibly contains lots of harmful bacteria and germs. Our hair is exposed to the direct attack of many harmful influences including dirt, dust and hair products. If you want to keep your hairbrush clean, simply try and remove most of the hair after each use. If that doesn’t do the trick you should run it under warm water and swish the brush around to loosen up the dirt or use an old toothbrush dabbed with shampoo and scrub around the and between the bristles.

Very often you do not need a special product from the store in order to apply a proper cleaning for your makeup utensils. Watered down alcohol is fine for between applications or straight alcohol in a spray bottle for your synthetic brushes. However, the brushes used for products in cream of fluids, for example concealer sometimes require specific cleaning, because they contain various types of oil. A very effective natural cleanser is olive oil and then apply wash shampoo to remove the oil that’s left. A solution of spirit also works great for cleaning dirty brushes that fail to distribute powders properly. The alcohol in the solution is also an instant disinfectant, so it is safe to say that you kill two birds with one stone.

After dipping the brushes in the alcohol based solutions, move it around to and the dirt will slowly start to dissolve. It is important that you wrap the brush up in a towel and squeeze it carefully, and then you can leave it on the towel to dry. Gentle care for all your makeup tools will help increase their longevity and reduce the chance of you getting an infection from using contaminated makeup products.

Guest Post by: Zowie Ashton

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