March 23, 2018

Natural vs. Artificial Beauty: The Endless Debate

I, with so many other females in the world, believe that every person is beautiful. The concept of beauty is extremely subjective, yes. Truth be told, beauty is as obvious as mysterious. And many people discredit the idea of inner beauty as a component of the real essence of beauty. And again, I am many of those who believe that in fact being beautiful inside-out is the whole essence of this ideology. I mean, seriously, will you be willing to be around someone all the time whose looks can ship her or him to be an international supermodel or celebrity because of his class A looks but has the worst attitude of all – overconfident, belittles others, feeling of self-entitlement? I know definitely I wouldn’t want someone like that in my life. 

And then there’s the lifelong debate about looking natural versus all-made up. Going through my usual routine of my day, I recently came across an article about which men likes more, a girl who doesn’t wear make-up or someone who does. And after reading that one article, there were many links leading to articles with the same theme. I honestly was appalled by this line of thinking. 

Most of the articles say that men likes women more if they wear no or less make up. And I think that is just a complete hypocritical claim. Why? Because how come they crush on celebrities, supermodels or other females they see on TV or social media. When all these women are shown with fully done hair and makeup. I mean, come on now. Even a no-makeup-look uses a lot of makeup products and tools to achieve it. So there’s that. 


Us girls spend countless hours in front of the mirror putting up makeup on our faces, use beauty products and hair products. And that is not even to mention the countless money spent on all the latest and greatest beauty products. But, what’s the motivation behind the makeup and the elaborate hairstyles? If you ask me, with all honesty and speaking for myself, my answer is that, I want to look good for myself and for nobody else. Impressing the boys is not a big or major motivating factor. Yes, I have times when I would dress up and put on makeup to impress a guy that I like so much; but most of the time I do it for me. To make me feel nice and beautiful and thus amps up my confidence that many have taken away from me many times in the past.

I love makeup, beauty products, hair products and other tools that will make my outward appearance good. You can come to my apartment and you’ll see I have tons of them. If I can get hold of all the makeup, beauty products, make up tools, hair curlers, hair straighteners, hair extensions  that I can get my hand a hold on, I would. People just like to think that girls look like on right all the time, like we wake up like that, but girls are just human beings and likes to wear makeup to not necessarily mask our true face, but to enhance it.

For others, it’s a way to conceal areas you view as imperfections. Well, I have never met anyone who doesn’t confess that they feel some sort of insecurity because of their flaws. People with thinning hair (genetically or because of a certain disease) would search wigs for sale online or at the mall. There are also those who may be inspired to mimic their favorite celebrities' look of the moment. Even celebrities themselves use a lot of products to enhance how they look. 

Big names in Hollywood, like supermodel Chrissy Teigen and actress Lauren Conrad, have been spotted using brazilian hair extensions and they are not even secretive about it. So these articles saying that putting on your best face just to get noticed buy men is just crazy. There are so many motivations for women to give so much effort on how they look and doing this for men is the least of the driving force. 

With all my being, these makeup and beauty products are nothing but to enhance what is already beautiful for each women (or man). In the end, do what you want to do, go overboard if you want. Whatever will make you feel good about yourself do it; do it for you. But as you do this, make sure that you don’t upset anyone in the process and always let your natural beauty shine through. 

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