March 1, 2018

Hair Horrors Solved!

For the longest time I’ve kept my hair long, I think for more than two decades already. The last time I had my hair cut above the shoulders was in fifth grade and I hated how I looked especially that I have such a round face, it just doesn’t fit me. I wish I could grew my hair asap when I did that, so starting there I kept my hair long, any length as long as it is below my shoulders. 

My hair also has very round strands that whenever I try to style or curl them, a few hours later the curls start to drop out. The only thing that will keep them in place is to subject them longer to the heat of curling iron and put a lot of products. And what does that do to my hair? They cause so much damage making my hair less manageable. 

Good thing that nowadays having gorgeous locks doesn’t have to be that tedious. I mean, if I got crazy and decided to cut my hair short then later on regretted it, I can just have long hair in a snap of a finger by using hair bundles. These are hair extensions that uses real human hair so you care for it like how you would with your own hair. 

When it comes to hair extensions with lace closure, you can wash them, curl them and heck yeah, and even dye them to the color that you prefer. It is always very hard to decide when it comes to our hair right girls? So if you want to be risky or playful with your look by changing your hair style without sacrificing your own manes, this is the best way to go. Also if you don’t like the look, you can change or ditch them anytime. 

Moreover, instant length and volume are also the most common use of 360 frontal hair extensions. They are very common in creating additional volume to your natural hair. Voluminous hair is great for styling and enhances the look of you natural hair. With these hair extensions, you get the best of both worlds, style it all the way you want and they also give you those celebrity-looking gorgeous locks. 

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