March 12, 2018

Going From Brunette to Blonde the Healthier Way

Even celebrities who change their hair from dark to several shades lighter attest that this has done so much damage to their hair. Being a stylish chameleon can also take a toll, the things you do to achieve beauty and make head turns always come with a price but at the end of the day you have these questions in your head, is it worth it?

Kim Kardashian notoriously dyed her hair platinum blond a few years ago during Paris Fashion Week 2015. She lifted her hair color four to five levels when color professionals recommend lightening two to three shades at most. She revealed that though she was able to achieve the color that she wanted it was extremely damaging on the hair. But she’s Kim Kardashian, she gonna do what she has to do. 

This probably not the only horror story that you’ve heard about overdyeing; I myself is a living proof of that. I’ve had damaged hair for years now because of dyeing to achieve a perfect ash blonde shade. I try my best to take care of it and prevent further damage. To prevent my hair from looking so brassy, I always use conditioner that is made for color-treated hair. I use shampoos also that are not so strong that they don’t damage my hair and pour only a dollop. There’s this new product purple shampoo that I want to try very soon. This shampoo keeps your hair color from turning brassy, which can happen with other shampoos that aren’t specifically formulated for blonde hair.

I also utilize a deep conditioner on a weekly basis as constant dyeing strips my hair of color and moisture and the end result makes them look like straw hair. On a daily basis, when my hair is already dry, I also use hair oil or serum to tame the frizz and also protect my hair from UV rays. That also prevents the tips of my hair from dyeing. When I hit the pool or beach my best defense from damage is a leave-in conditioner to keep enough hydration for my hair. 

At times, I think of growing my hair in its natural color to have healthy virgin hair all over again. Celebrities do this by using blonde weave while they grow their hair. Kim Kardashian and Beyonce does this all the time. I mean all the time, and that is not a secret anymore. Also not something anyone should be ashamed of. It’s an investment, it goes to show that you take the time to make sure your hair is flawless and that you take care of your hair. 

 blonde weave

You can find a lot of affordable and cheap blonde wigs in stores and online. Just be very keen from where you get it. One store that I suggest you check out is Max Glam Hair and you will see a lot of good maxglam hair review from satisfied clients. Hair extensions nowadays are made of natural hair so you can style and take care of it the way you would with your own hair. 

cheap blonde wigs

Further ways to take care of your blonde hair is to get regular trims and be sure to avoid heat treatments so you better use a blow dry on the cooler setting, especially if you have to blow dry every day. This will do away with some major damage that hot air can cause. And lastly be sure to take good care of yourself by having proper nutrition. Nothing beats taking care of your hair and your entire body from within. 

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