March 3, 2018

How To Get Celebrity Hair At Home

I’ve always envied (in a good way) celebrities for being brave and chameleon-like with their looks. You know how much some of them have the courage to go from mermaid-length hair to a lob to a bob in a matter of months or even weeks. As for me for years, I’ve always kept my hair long. I’m surprised though that sometimes you can see celebrities appear on TV with shorter hair then the next time you see them guesting on a show or a magazine cover, they are sporting long locks already, I mean how did they able to grow their so fast like that?

Guess what, their stylists are using some kind of hair extensions and it’s no secret anymore. And you know that it's never been easier to experiment with fake hair and going faux. It is surprising for many non-beauty pros to learn just how many celebs rely on extensions or wigs, the most popular of which are real brazilian hair weave bundles to change their color or style.  

Just take a look at Beyoncé, she’s probably the queen of changing up her hair length and color. And she is not shy to say that she has been using weaves and other kinds of hair enhancers. You can check out her social media stories and you would be amazed of how she can look so plain while hitting the gym in the morning then the next time she posts, she’s all dolled-up with big vavavoom hairstyle. 

Seeing well-known celebrities wearing human hair wigs  and casually revealing that secret on social media seem to be inspiring more women to give fake hair a try, and a lot of boutiques and online stores are popping up to cash in on the growing interest. Just be sure to do your research, find brands that are reliable, look for what type of extensions will suit you best, your face shape, your skin tone and of course your lifestyle and day-to-day activities. 

Even regular women who don't necessarily want to look like Kim Kardashian, these human hair bundles with closure are starting to get appealing because they allow you to regularly transform your look without making a big commitment. Just don’t make the mistake of forgetting to take care of your own hair and use these hair extensions to be a replacement for your own hair. 

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