March 7, 2018

Outrageously Gorgeous Celebrity Hair: How You Can Have It Too!

People say you can't have all the things that you want. But there are things that you can always get if you really want and put an effort to it. Beauty is fleeting but there's nothing wrong if you want to look good and presentable right. Say for example it's not so hard to achieve outrageously gorgeous hair. You would see celebrities with their outrageously beautiful hairstyles and you become eager to get it for your next hairstyle and request something as what you’ve seen on the cover of your favorite magazine to your hairdresser. Is it possible? Of course! I'm about to tell you, so listen up.

I guess you already noticed the latest trends in celebrity hairstyles: big and colorful. There’s the Balayage on Jessica Biel with blonde accents dyed on the strands of her hair that are closest to her face. The Ombre on Chrissy Teigen with dark roots and blonde tips is just gorgeous. And then there’s Rita Ora with her rainbow color hair that will remind you of cotton candy and unicorns. Since we often look to celebs for inspiration on everything from clothes and makeup to hair, it's no wonder a lot of women around the world want to have the latest hot Hollywood hair trends for themselves. 

Some celebrities seem to change their hair color as often as they want. Here’s the hairy secrets revealed: It’s doable (and some of their stylists have spilled the beans on this) because most often than not, they use hair extensions like lace frontal or body wave. Because these celebrities price their entire bodies as gems and they wouldn’t go all color happy. They are humans too and constant hair color changes can be damaging to the quality of anyone’s locks, and these celebrities will never have a red carpet worthy look if they totally trash their hair.

Lady Gaga is known to switch her hair and it seems that she has a new color weekly.  And guess what? Lady Gaga enlists a crew of hair designers who either retouch her roots every one to two weeks or they use a bunch of wigs and pieces to change up her locks. They might be using Malaysian hair extensions as this type is very luxurious because of it excessive shine with a luster that is high to medium. Malaysian Curly hair is thick, coarse and comes with a tight but luxurious curl pattern. The curls on this type of extensions also hold very well without the need for additional curling products or holding sprays and can be dyed as well. 

So instead of subjecting your hair to the damaging effects constant hair dyeing, a way of for you to avoid that is by employing hair extensions instead to achieve celebrity-like locks. You can just google them up you'll find a lot of them being sold at affordable prices everywhere now. It's not only for celebrities anymore. 

Lastly, I know it takes a lot of money and effort to keep our hair in tip-top shape. Thus you need to start taking care of your hair from the inside out. Take vitamins regularly, drink enough water, get the right amount of sleep and always keep your hair clean. Unlike celebrities who have stylists following them around 24/7, you only have you to take care of your own hair. 

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