March 18, 2018

Johnny's Steak and Grill: Grilling at B Hotel QC

Meat-lovers unite! There’s a steakhouse in QC vying for a place among the big-ticket steakhouse sweepstakes and it is ready to satisfy your carnivore cravings: Johnny's Steak and Grill. Situated at the ground floor of B Hotel QC’s ground floor. Well, for one, B Hotel QC is a member of the Bellevue group of hotels so food and beverage is nothing new to them. 

At first you might think it’s an international brand, but the restaurant is all-Filipino and named after the chairman of the company, Mr. Johnny Chan.  But being one of the well-known names in the F&B business, expect nothing less than high-quality meats for their clients. They only use US Prime and Certified Angus Beef for Johnny’s steaks. 

The restaurant’s motif is not your typical country-themed steakhouse, instead it is in-lined with B Hotel QC’s stylishly industrial aesthetic. Bare unpainted walls, exposed pipes, overhead beams, bricks and hardwood with some quirky vintage decors, Edison bulbs and steel + leather furniture thrown in. 

The space is not that huge but could be divided into three sections. Upon entering the restaurant you’ll be greeted with the banquet seating which stretches from end to end adjacent to the wall. At the center is a long wooden communal table under a couple of industrial ceiling lights perfect for groups of friends or meeting new friends. On the other side are tables and chairs that can be moved together or separately for larger groups or a lunch/dinner for two and adorned above with Edison bulbs hanging at the end of thick ropes. 

Some of these sections are more intimate than others but all in all, the atmosphere and the culinary offerings go perfectly hand-in-hand, complementing and enhancing each other so as to create an experience for all the senses. Their kitchen is an open-plan kitchen where a glass wall separates it from the dining area. You can see the chefs as they lay down the meats on the grill and prepare the side dishes. 

Now let’s get on to business, the steaks and all the other things that Johnny's Steak and Grill has to offer:

Lamb Rack Cap

US Beef Rib Eye

All the meats were tender and tasty. All were cooked medium rare: perfectly charred on the outside but still juicy and tender inside. This provides the best and truest flavor of the beef. Some people don’t like eating raw or half-cooked meat, but as for me who loves carpaccio it is always medium-rare for me when it comes to steaks. Because if you really want the most flavor and juice in your slab of meat, you should order you steak medium rare, not medium well or well-done.

Prime Rib Eye

CAB Upper Choice Porterhouse Steak

US Beef Rib Steak

Moreover, others also don’t like their steaks with fat, but personally I like it. Why? Much of the flavor and juice is in the fat thus preventing the steak from getting dry. I actually cut and transfer to my plate the fatty portions of the US Beef Rib Steak and Lamb Rack Cap. Don’t judge me, I just like it that way. The steak comes with a four sauces: Shallot and Red Wine Sauce, Peppercorn Sauce, Mushroom Sauce and Garlic Sauce. Although I am not a fan of sauces on my steak as I like to enjoy the meat in its full glory, my go-to is always the Peppercorn Sauce (if it’s available). Johnny’s did not disappoint with their sauces and if you’re up for the classic there’s also the all-time favorite A1 Sauce on every table. 

Although steak items make up a good portion of the menu, Johnny’s also offers a variety side dishes and beverage. An order of steak always comes with a side dish and a sauce, btw. Side Dishes include: Mac and Cheese, Roasted Vegetables, Steak Rice, Cajun Fries and Onion Rings. My favorites of the side dishes are the mac & cheese, mashed potatoes and the steak rice. Their Mac & Cheese was very creamy and very cheesy. The steak rice is unassumingly flavorful and goes well with the steaks. 

Mac and Cheese / Steak Rice

Roasted Vegetables / Cajun Fries

Onion Rings 

The beverage line are healthy juice concoctions of unusually pairing of veggies and fruits: Carrot Ginger, Ampalaya, Tomato Honey and Apple Radish. But if you’re not into that, sodas, juices, iced teas, beers and wines are readily available as well. 

Apple Radish, Ampalaya, Carrot Ginger, Tomato Honey

A series of cakes concluded this hearty lunch: Red Velvet, Belgian Chocolate, German Chocolate, Chocolate Crème Brûlée and Oreo Cheesecake. These are the same cakes being served from B Hotel’s Lobby Café and Pastry Corner. The standouts were the Red Velvet (I’m a sucker for red velvet) and the German Chocolate Cake for it was full of crunch cashews and walnuts.

German Chocolate Cake

 Belgian Chocolate

 Red Velvet Cake

 Chocolate Crème Brûlée

Oreo Cheesecake 

All in all, Johnny's Steak and Grill can be a front-runner among other steakhouses. The steaks don’t come cheap, but you will be sure you’ll get what your money is worth as the restaurant is all about the quality.  The atmosphere, the cozy ambiance the restaurant exudes teamed with good service and unforgettable food, makes Johnny's Steak and Grill highly recommended. On any given day, you can come up here and you will truly enjoy it.

G/F, B Hotel Quezon City, 14 Scout Rallos St., 
Laging Handa, Quezon City
Contact No: 02 9905000

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