December 22, 2018

Fat Fook Taiwanese Kitchen's New Dishes

So far the best food from the countries I have visited goes to Taiwan. It was probably the best trip I’ve done if we will solely consider the food that I ate there. I mean I wasn’t able to eat like everything but I completely revelled in everything that I got to taste. I mean, the other countries I’ve been to have great cuisines but for some reason, when asked which country I’ve visited has the best food, Taiwan is the first thing that comes to mind.

Well, it’s not like I can fly to Taipei on a whim; hello, how I wish I could do that but I’m no rich kid. Too bad, I know. But the good thing is that Manila doesn’t have a scarcity of restaurants that offers authentic Taiwanese cuisine and most of them offer really great tasting food. One of them is Fat Fook Taiwanese Kitchen and just this December they launched a couple of new dishes that will become staple to their menu. 
Fat Fook Taiwanese Kitchen is a fast growing Taiwanese chain in the Philippines. Fat Fook stems from the Chinese word for "Fa" (gaining") and Foo- (Taiwanese term which means prosperity or auspicious). It can be literally translated to "Increasing luck”. Taiwanese food is a bit close to Filipino cuisine in terms of how the dishes look. But concerning flavor profile, Taiwanese dishes tend to be a bit salty, sweet, and sometimes spicy. Even if you've never been to Taiwan, sampling the food at Fat Fook will surely pique your culinary curiosity. 

To remain modern authentic and suit the Filipino millennial palate, Fat Fook adjusts some of its dishes. However, there are certain dishes like the stinky tofu, for example, that retains its strong smell – exactly how it's served in Taiwan. Most of the recipes are from Taiwanese-Filipino Chef Rachel Kao's home, inherited from her parents and have been refined for Fat Fook. They also guarantee that the food is as close to the Taiwanese versions because the owners go to Taiwan regularly to taste and source ingredients. 

Here are the new dishes that you can enjoy at Fat Fook: 

Spicy Wonton - steamed dumpling with ground pork filling topped with a spicy sauce. These were really tasty and super spicy. 

West Lake Soup - a thick beef soup which includes ground beef, rice wine, chicken stock, eggs and green onions. It’s a very delicious and filling soup and is a good starter dish.

Spicy Chicken Chop - a spicy spin on one of Fat Fook’s best-selling chicken chop; Flattened juicy chicken thighs with a crunchy special breading topped with Fat Fook’s spicy powder. 

Cheesy Chicken Chop - another spin on one of Fat Fook’s best-selling chicken chop; Flattened juicy chicken thighs with a crunchy special breading topped with a huge block of melted cheese. I really liked this one because of that generous cheese topping. 

Chicken Skin - deep fried chicken skin with batter/breading. These were really crunchy and crispy just like the ones you would see and eat on one of Taipei’s night markets. 

Tantanmen Noodles - a popular variety of noodle soups. This has quite a distinct creamy, peanut-flavored soup. The soy milk added to it gives it a smooth, mellow flavor making this a really rich, spicy broth. 

Spicy Diced Beef - stir fried juicy and tender beef with a spicy sauce. This was quite spicy to my liking but still a very savoury dish. 

I know for sure I’ll be dropping by Fat Fook for when every time I’m craving for Taiwanese food. I love it that I don’t have to spend much or book a plane ticket to Taiwan just to get my modern authentic Taiwanese food fix. Definitely thank God for Fat Fook! 

3F, Building A, SM Megamall, 
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

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