December 7, 2018

Why is Education So Important in Our Life?

We are aware that both formal and informal education at times come at a hefty price, but it’s a price definitely worth paying. Beyond the fact that the more you know the more you’re worth, there are actual practical advantages to having a good education. If you’re on the verge and don’t know whether to pursue higher education, we’re here to break down all the benefits and overall importance, so perhaps by the end, you’ll feel yourself nudged in the right direction.

Giving Back 
As an educated person, you actually become an esteemed member of the society. You are considered as someone who can contribute to your town, country, and people simply look at you differently when they know that you are one of the people capable of sharing knowledge to help your community grow. There are even certain countries, such as Sweden, which will not grant citizenship to an expat if they don’t hold at least a college degree, because if they do, they are perceived as a person of value to the society.

Gateway To Success 
According to a study published by Scranton University, a college degree now has higher value than it did just ten years ago. It is essentially the key to success. Namely, people see a highly educated population as necessary for both economic prosperity and social well-being. Granted, a college degree doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a great job right after you’ve grabbed your diploma, but it at least gives you a head start in life. It certainly does improve your chances of growth, both in terms of career and financial success. There are also amazing platforms as Thinkswap, when there is a will, there will always be a way. Yes, we are aware that tuition is high, but there are always student loans, aids, community colleges with free tuition, and even such amazing platforms as Thinkswap which enable you to get notes, problem sets and all other study resources at a bargain price.

Added Value 
People who obtain some form of a higher education, whether it’s a formal or informal one, aren’t only viewed as more capable, able to solve problems using critical thinking, have higher communication and people skills, are more techno-savvy and able to absorb even more knowledge. Formal education does provide you with one of the most valuable things of all – critical thinking, which makes all your future learning endeavors far easier. It also provides an opportunity for personal growth, regardless of whether you graduated from a community college or one of the best private schools in USA.

As someone who has managed to get four years of college under their belt, there is nothing new you can’t learn. After finishing college, you can carve out your career path, following the knowledge you gained during those four years. On the other hand, your learning skills allow you to switch lanes, and with a little more informal learning, and a tad of experience, can open door to careers that have never even crossed your mind.

Get Ahead 
Once you do get a job, diploma in hand, there is nowhere to go but up. You will definitely learn something new at every position and every company you work for, and that will only add more value to your resume. Think of higher education as a basic tool that opens the first door for you. After that, after you’ve paid your dues, you can only advance, and sooner or later, depending on whether you continue to educate yourself in either formal or informal ways, employers and companies will be fighting over you. That means another thing – financial security and a complete change of lifestyle. Money may not be the most important thing in life, but it’s always good to know you have enough of it to lead a very comfortable life.

Someday, if you’re sufficiently well-off, perhaps somewhere along the lines of these people, you may be able to show your philanthropic side, and share the financial benefits your education brought you with those less fortunate. You can look at it from every possible angle, and you will not find one reason you shouldn’t pursue higher education. Yes, the student loans may be hard to pay off, but once you’ve done that, you are free to do whatever it is you want to do – in your life and your career. Knowledge is power, and you better believe it.

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