December 11, 2018

How HCG Diet Helps In the Weight Loss

The problem of obesity is becoming one of the biggest health problems all over the world. The crux of this problem is the kind of lifestyle that people are leading nowadays. With the food industry blooming at a very fast pace, people are indulging into various types of food and drinks which may not be good for their health. 

On top of that, their physical activity is almost close to none. When most of the work is being done on mobile phones, tablets or laptops, people spend most of their day sitting in the same position doing all their work, whether it is their job, entertainment or communication. Obesity, if not treated, can result in lifelong diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol or even heart problems. 

HCG diet was introduced by Dr.Simeons in order to solve the problem of obesity and help people get rid of the extra fat in the body. The idea was to reduce the fat by inducing the hormone which already exists in our body. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone which the body produces more when the woman is pregnant with her baby. It is present in the placenta which surrounds and protects the baby. It was found that this particular hormone helps the body to reduce appetite and lose weight. 

As it is the process of generating natural hormones, it is completely a safe way to reduce weight. It perfectly resets the hypothalamus in your body. Loss of weight will eventually prevent one to stay away from all kinds of diseases related to obesity. 

How to make HCG available in the body
As our body generates more HCG only during the pregnancy phase, we cannot make use of that HCG for our weight loss. It has to be inserted in our body through some other means. You can try inserting the hormones through injections or try hcg diet drops to increase the level of HCG in your body. Intake of this hormone will lower down your appetite level, reduce your cravings and restore your inner system to normal, which will help to maintain the body weight to its required level.

HCG Diet
One has to follow the diet along with the intake of HCG. There are different phases involved in the HCG diet. Following are the 4 phases of the HCG diet which one has to follow thoroughly for the best results:
1. Phase 1 - Loading: This phase is all about eating your heart out. You can consume all your favorite food in these 2 days. The motive of excess eating is to store the fat, which will be required when you are on a low-calorie diet from day 3.  

2. Phase 2 - Losing weight: This is the 500 calorie intake phase which can go up to day 23, 28 or 42, depending on the plan you chose. You can only eat vegetables, fruits, and proteins during this phase. 

3. Phase 3 - Transition: After the restricted 500 calorie plan, you can now increase your food intake up to 1200-1500 calories in a day. You may cautiously movie to slightly heavier food which was restricted in phase 2 like oil, butter, milk, and low sugar products.  

4. Phase 4 - Maintenance: You have lost a lot of weight in the previous days, but what you actually need is to maintain this weight for your lifetime. This will require a healthy lifestyle, and this should not be a big problem because once a person has achieved and tasted the pleasure of weight loss, he will always come back for more. 

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