December 26, 2018

Rebeccafashion Guide: Epic New Year's Eve Hairstyle Ideas

I always New Year's than Christmas Eve because my family celebrates the former than the latter. I don't know but probably it's more fun and loud than Christmas. During Christmas we often don’t get to reach midnight because everyone is already tired from cooking and prepping for the Christmas dinner.

When it's New Year's Eve things get giddier and exciting because from noon until midnight you can hear and see fireworks and pyrotechnics being set off. Sometimes me and my family eat dinner a little earlier and then we set off to watch a New Year Countdown at the nearby town center. Which I like better because there's lots of crowd and the mood is super festive.

There are instances as well that I go out and party with friends at a club. When that's the case I often times dress up, do some party-perfect hair and makeup. Well like I always say you better look good because you'll never know who you'll bump into or meet. You must be ready and be in your best look if in case you decide "kiss a stranger on New Year's" hahahahaha!

Anyway, New Year's Eve is a magical night for many of us. It's also the perfect time to try out a new, super glam holiday hairstyle right? Need some NYE hair inspiration? Keep scrolling for the most gorgeous hairstyles to get you inspired for the most glamorous night of the year and how to achieve them.

One fail-safe yet put-together hairstyle that you can always do is a braid. Whether braid all your hair, French or fishtail or half-up braid, they always look great and for just about anyone. They're all in one edgy, stylish and always trendy. Make them NYE perfect by adding some glittery hair strands or tie them with a velvet ribbon to fasten your braid.

Another classic hairstyle that will never ever go out of style is the old-school glam. Oh those long luscious curled locks are irresistible. Give yourself an epic side part, then twist your tendrils around a 2-inch barrel curling iron, curling away from your face for a breezy flipped effect. If you’re afraid that using heat on your virgin hair might cause some damage, an alternative is getting those already curled bundles with closure hair extensions with soft waves.


Messy updo’s and chignons are also extra classy. They bring a lot of class into both formal and casual looks. So whether you’re attending a lavish party at a hotel or just a chill bar, messy updo’s and chignons are cute, easygoing looks that works.

And lastly, ponytails! They are no longer reserved purely for bad hair days or post gym, the humble ponytail is the super chic that everyone from common people to celebrities are obsessed with. Make them a little extra and party-perfect by going for the long ponytails ala Ariana Grande by adding some super straight hair extensions which you can easily get online like at Rebeccafashion.

Your NYE outfit is hot af, so you need a dope hairstyle to match. So keep these hairstyles in mind and you’ll surely ring in the New Year with a bang!

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