December 13, 2018

RebeccaFashion Guide: Hair Extensions for Beauty Pageants

Hey hey! It's the Miss Universe Pageant again! I am one of the thousands of unapologetic fans of beauty pageants, especially the Miss Universe contest partly because I am proud to be Filipina and proud of the Filipina women that my country sends to these competitions. Because we Filipinos always take pride in everything we do, what we represent wherever we are in the world. 

In the past few days my social media newsfeed has been nothing about posts about the ongoing Miss Universe pageant. Of course my whole country is rooting for our representative Catriona Gray who of course in my opinion should be Miss Universe as she embodies everything the organization represents: beauty, brains and heart. 

But to keep things real, a lot of people who follow these beauty pageants are also after the looks of the contestants, how they will carry their national costumes, their swimwear and their long gowns. The beauty queens are highly scrutinized for their looks on pageant nights because they must look their 100 percent right?

Though a lot of things have changed already and contestants have had leeway with their looks, you will notice that the standard beauty queen look should have long voluminous and glamourous hair. And let’s be honest not all beauty pageant contestants are born with that much hair or that they just “woke up like this”. For sure a lot of them have employed remy hair extensions to achieve that pageant perfect hair. 

Not many grow up and become beauty queens. However, there is no reason that non-beauty queens like you and me, to look as though you are about to win beauty contest every day. You can do it on special occasions by using virgin hair extensions for a more natural look. It’s not a crime to look fabulous at least once or several times in your lifetime right? Pageant hairstyles are created to give you an idea of how pretty and regal you can look, if you know how to style your hair right.

Most of the hairstyles are composed of huge voluminous curls which are more often than not are teased for a fuller look. Although you have never thought about joining a pageant, but still want to look like a beauty queen? That’s not a problem anymore. Even if you have little experience with hairstyling, there is a pageant hairstyle out there for you. Most of these hairstyles can’t be worn daily, since they can damage the hair so what you can do is to use hair bundles

You can check out a lot of beauty pageant hairstyles to look amazing for any special occasion you might attend in the future -- to get a better idea of how you can look absolutely fantastic and really stand out of the crowd like any other beauty queen. 

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