December 20, 2018

RebeccaFashion Guide: Hairstyles From Miss Universe 2018

I’m still on high after the recently concluded Miss Universe 2018 because my country’s representative Miss Philippines Catriona Gray was crowned as the Miss Universe 2018! Such a well-deserved win for my country as Catriona bested other 93 contestants with her beauty, charm, intelligence and cause. She truly was beautiful, intelligent and with a heart. 

Not many people appreciate beauty pageants but in these modern times, beauty pageants are actually being revolutionized and doesn’t only focuses on the physical appearance just anymore. One should be a complete package. And I’m sorry no one can rain on Catriona Gray’s parade whatever negative people say about her. The Philippines took home the crown again, showing the world, the universe rather (haha!) what a Filipina beauty, brains and heart is all about.

But can we just talk about the fashion during the competition? The contestants' dresses, swimsuits, and accessories in the Miss Universe finale did not disappoint, but what really caught my and most people’s eye were the hairstyles! Yes some sported pixie haircuts, afros and/or their natural hair, but there were a lot of the women who competed that wear super long and voluminous hairstyles. 

It’s safe to say that wearing long and fit for a queen voluminous hair style is a standard in beauty pageants, after all it makes one look so regal and makes that Mikimoto pearls-decorated crown look even glamorous and stunning. Of course who can forget the looks that the newly-crowned Miss Universe's sleek and straight hair during the preliminary events which perfectly complemented her now famous slow-motion turn?

Also, that 50’s glam hair she sported during the final competition day, I mean everything about her outfits and styling was just like so planned that it perfectly fit when the crown was finally placed on her head. Let’s not also forget about Miss Venezuela’s super long straight locks that went beyond her waist. I’m not so sure if those were virgin hair or she used extensions. Long straight hair with a center part was really popular that night. After seeing Tamaryn with the same hair do, for sure it got us thinking, should we start parting our tresses in the middle, too?


Miss South Africa’s final look with that sleek super long ponytail that resembled like Ariana Grande’s sure does look so elegant yet modern. I looked so closely on the photos and I’m pretty sure she used some added help by using remy hair extensions. Because they look so real and there’s no way she has that amount of hair and that length. Well just my opinion though. 

And then there’s Miss Canada, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Denmark and Miss Switzerland also with their long curled and straight locks that they also sported all throughout the pageant. Maybe they used a couple of hair bundles to achieve those looks. 

You see, looking like a beauty queen does take a lot of effort but nowadays it’s actually not hard to achieve that you just have to look for inspirations, learn how to do good makeup that suits your face and use tools like hair extensions to achieve such a regal and pageant-worthy look. 

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