December 5, 2018

RebeccaFashion Guide: Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Winter/Cold Weather

The cold weather can be seriously hard on our hair. Especially if you leave somewhere where winter happens, it can create a havoc on your hair. Hair can experience some dehydration making them more prone to breakage due to cold, dry air, harsh weather, and everything that comes with winter or the cold season. 

Keeping your hair still healthy despite the harsh weather conditions can be a problem and can be daunting. But we still want to look good and healthy thus, we need to take special care of our hair and skin. Here’s some pointers to keep your locks silky and lustrous during winter/cold weather.

When you shower, use water with temperature that is not too hot. I know it is hard to shower when the weather is too cold, but hot water can seriously strip moisture from your hair. Try to keep showers warm to lukewarm, and keep them short. Lukewarm water also helps you avoid frizz and maximizes moisture.

Maintain your hair’s moisture is the top concern during winter so make sure to add moisture and this time of the year, do not skip the conditioner. Treating your hair with moisturizing products is a great way to combat dry hair. Find a sulfate free conditioner that is mild enough to use every day. Make it a weekly thing to deep condition your hair using those products that needs to be left for 30 minutes to 1 hour before rinsing. 

Also during this season due to the many events and affairs that you need to attend to, it can be tempting reinvent your look by cutting your hair or dyeing your hair to a new color, probably to impress families and friends that you only get to see during the holidays. This action can leave your hair dry especially if you have virgin hair. You can use those pre-colored hair extensions instead if you want a change in the way your hair looks.

In line with that, there’s a great probability that you will style your hair for these events. To protect the integrity of your own hair, you can opt to use remy hair extensions that comes in hair bundles  which you can style just like your own hair.

Other easy things that you can easily do to protect the heart without spending so much dime, is for you to wear a hat every time you go out of the house especially during winter or when the temperature drops to its lowest. Lastly, keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water and eating healthy. After all being healthy on the inside emanates towards your outside physical appearance. Hope you find these tips helpful. Until next time!

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