October 4, 2019

5 Easy Steps to Take Care of Your Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are a thing - and a damn good one as they have the tendency to lift your appearance since they look and feel real. Little wonder they can be quite expensive compared to synthetic hair.
Besides the cost of purchasing human hair wigs, they require some higher level of care if they are main their shine for long. You can buy an expensive wig and not take care of it right? Below are a few easy steps on how to care for your human hair wig. Read on!

Want to get a human hair wig? read this guide will get valuable information: How To Buy The Best Human Hair Lace Wigs 

Step 1: Remove tangles
Using your hands, check for tangles and dislodge such. You can decide to use a vent comb to gently remove any such tangle.

Step 2: Shampoo the hair
With the wig in your hands, take a chunk of shampoo and apply the same to the hair. Rub it into every strand of hair in the wig. It is important you avoid using harsh shampoo products especially regular ones. In fact, you have to be picky with the shampoo you use on your wig – you don’t want to end up with something awful.

Step 3: Washing the wig  
To Wash the wig, hold it under a stream of warm water and stroke the shampooed hair with your finger in a downward pattern. You don’t have to apply any form of pressure while washing the hair.
Bored already? Try combing the hair with a vent comb, it is faster and more efficient compared to stroking with your hands. Ensure you rinse the wig from its crown to ends.


Step 4: Conditioning
To keep the shine of the wig, apply some conditioner using your hands to work in the oily substance. Drying the human hair wig can be done through orthodox means like a dryer or hang to dry.   

Noteworthy tip: Styling a human hair wig: Styling is part of the practice of taking care of your hair wig, and it depends on how you want to rock your wig. But you want to be careful when styling your wig as the process could deplete your human hair if not done right. Ideally, you should have a professional stylist do this on your behalf.

Step 5: Storing your wig 
How your wig is stored is an integral part of taking care of your wig. If your human hair wig is to live up to its long lifespan, you have to store it properly and away from the degradation of heat. Before storing your wig, ensure it is dry as storing a wet wig is as pathetic as putting away wet cloth in a bag – mold, and debris come out to play under such conditions.

Own a not-so-stuffy closet? You might want to store your wig in such a space but in an upright position. It ensures your wig is protected from the effect of the sun and inaccessible to just about anyone with the reduced chance of tangles forming. Also, don’t ignore the importance of the hairnet. Covering the wig in a hairnet keeps your chosen style intact while shielding the wig from dust.             
Noteworthy tip 2: Sleeping with your wig: Not everyone likes the idea of sleeping with their wig but certain situations require such measures. Below are a few things precautions against having your wig tangled while you sleep:
-    Hold your wig in place with a soft satin scarf or something similar
-    Support your head on a pillow made of a mild fabric
Your human hair wig is an investment and should be treated as such. Caring for your wig is just one of ways of ensuring your investment stands the test of time.   

Tips on caring for your lace front Wigs 
The lace front wig can be glamorous and all, but the enhanced look you get when you don the wig comes with some conscientious effort obtaining by caring for your lace front wig. Here are a few tips on how to ensure your lace front wig keeps turning heads for a long time. 

The baking soda magic - While washing the lace front wig to perfection, adding some baking soda to the shampoo would limit the wrinkling of lace front wig.

Avoid sleeping in your lace front wig - As tempting as it is to sleep in your lace front wig, it is a no-no. Tangles are more likely to be formed when you do so. Also, there is a chance that your wig gets messed up.

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