October 27, 2019

Perfect Jewellery for Different Skin Tones and Face Shapes

Jewellery plays a big role when we are planning our outfits because it complements any look perfectly, and jade jewelry is perfect with lots of colors to choose from. This year, huge statement pieces are popular, items like long earrings or large chain necklaces. However, just because something is trendy, it doesn’t mean we can all pull it off. When it comes to jewellery, a lot depends on our skin tone and face shape, so not everyone should wear the same pieces because not all of us look equally good with them. To learn what jewellery is best for you, keep reading! 

Choosing the right metals and gemstone colours
When we are determining our skin tone, it's best to look at the skin in natural light. First, find a spot where the veins are easily seen. Here’s a tip – wrists are usually a great choice! Those with blue or purple veins have a cool skin tone. If veins are rather greenish, this is a warm skin tone. However, if veins appear blue in some areas and green in others, we are talking about a neutral skin tone.

Cool skin tones are perfect for light or white metals (white gold, platinum and silver). Warm skin tones should be reserved for yellow and rose gold, metals like copper and brass. Lastly, those with a neutral skin tone look good in both white metals and yellow ones.

Moreover, bright-coloured gemstones can bring liveliness to cool skin, while earth stones (orange, brown, yellow and turquoise) are amazing for warm skin. This is because the yellow undertone in the skin is also earthy.

If you are a man who is about to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend, you should know that considering her skin tone is crucial. Also, you can check out some fine jewellery online to see what pieces are popular at the moment, so you can base your choice on these models. Impress your significant other with what’s best for her!

Identifying your face shape
You can determine your face shape by pulling your hair back with some pins or a headband so that all of your hair is completely off the face. Someone can take a picture of you, and you can later outline the face on the picture. Compare your face shape to these images!

Oval face
Oval faces can wear any shape or style of earrings, but nothing too long. Try with hoops, hoops in circles, chandeliers and other soft and curving designs. Ideal necklines are scoop neckline, turtleneck and Nehru collar. Furthermore, any necklace design is acceptable.

Square face
If you like large oval hoops, narrow chandelier earrings and long drop, you’ll be thrilled to learn that this is ideal for a square face. Ideal necklace types would be princess, matinee, opera and rope lengths. You can also include a scalloped edge or lace trim on necklines that are curved.

Round face
Long earrings, dangles, drops, narrow chandeliers and ear threads are reserved for a round face! Even rectangles, trapezoids and any long, vertically angular design can look amazing! Also, longer and looping necklaces are perfect for you!

Rectangular face
Your face is absolutely gorgeous with large and bold styles, so you can consider wide chandeliers with colour, movement and some drama. In addition, choker, collar and princess lengths are the right types of necklaces for you!

Heart-shaped face
Choosing triangular or fan-shaped dangling earrings would be the best choice for you! You can also go for a boatneck or bateau neckline, Sabrina neckline, turtleneck or mock-turtleneck, etc. Additionally, short necklaces with curves are great for your face shape!

No matter if you are shopping for yourself or not, the skin tone and face shape should always be considered, because not all of us look good wearing the same pieces. Hopefully, this will help you determine what’s best for you and it’s good to know these things when you are buying jewellery for someone else!

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