October 7, 2019

Asian Taste Seafood Restaurant at Seascape Village

Asia, being the largest and most populous continent, has many great cuisines. But how do you decide which Asian nation produces the best cuisine? But taste will always be subjective right? Someone may love Taiwan’s stinky tofu while I had a hard time appreciating it even if I am a tofu lover. Some people may also not appreciate seafood where it is abundant in Oriental and South East Asia. I may be allergic to seafood, but I love eating them, whenever I have the chance; yet I know a couple of people who doesn’t like them any bit, even fish they hate.

What I love about oriental and SE Asian food is that it highly resembles the Filipino cuisine and greatly appeals to the Filipino palate, well after all, even in ancient times, even before the colonization and industrial from the West ever happened, the Philippines is already trading with its neighboring countries and cultures and that heavily included food and spices. If you’re going to ask me, my top Asian cuisines would be Japanese, Chinese and Filipino (of course!).

Most restaurant nowadays offer either fusion or a single cuisine on their menus, but the great thing is that you can still find places to get your fix of everything. Like at Seascape Village in Manila. Seascape Village aspires to be the number one beach lifestyle destination in Metro Manila by offering the many benefits of seaside living to those residing and visiting the city. Located at Pasay City with a scenic view of the famous Manila Bay sunset, Seascape Village is The Metroescapes Corp.’s first tourism recreation project.

3 Cups Chicken

The Metroescapes Corp./Seascape Village launched Phase 1 of 4 last May 2018. Phase 1, the Bay Market, houses 13 restaurants, and a live & wet market, and is expanding by the end of the year. Challenging the popular “paluto” concept in the Philippines, Seascape Village redefines seafood dining by giving their customers more choices – we offer casual to fine dining options; and a better experience – through upscale interiors, spacious parking space and excellent service, and may I also add, cleaner and safer kind of “dampa-style” dining.

Pompano in Black Bean Sauce

Seascape Village will be launching some holiday promotions, and in line with that they invited foodies to get a feel and taste of what the dining options there can offer. One of the restaurants that welcomed the foodies is Asian Taste Seafood Restaurant. Asian Taste is one of the largest restaurants inside the Seascape compound with 2 floors which houses a number of function rooms for events or huge family lunch or dinners. Not only that they occupy a huge space, they also got a very extensive menu that offers dishes from several countries in Asia. So, you will never run out of choices when you dine here. Besides their ala carte menu items, Asian Taste also offers set menus good for 10-12 pax, with free fried rice / noodles and dessert. Btw, just like other restaurants in the village, you can buy seafood, meat and veggies from the village's wet market and have it cooked at Asian Taste.

Golden French Beans

At Asian Taste, the foodies were treated to a Asian culinary journey without having to leave the country. Dishes sampled included: 3 Cups Chicken – this is called 3 cups because of the ingredients that it uses: 1 cup of soy sauce, 1 cup of sesame oil and 1 cup of rice wine plus other spices and ingredients. Prawn Tempura – this one is obviously one of their Japanese dishes which uses good-sized Tiger prawns with double batter for extra crispiness. Pompano in Black Bean Sauce – deep fried Pompano fish with thick black bean-based sauce. Pompano is a fish abundant in Asian waters and tastes similar to Mahi-Mahi or snapper.

Deep Fried Spareribs in Salt and Pepper

They also served Deep Fried Spareribs in Salt and Pepper – one of the classic Chinese and Taiwanese dishes that has been adopted by other countries in Oriental and SE Asia, Singapore and Hong Kong have a version of it, even the Philippines. Fried Fish Fillet Lapu-Lapu with Mango – milky and flaky red snapper meat with sweet and sour mango sauce topped with green and ripe mango strips. And lastly, Golden French Beans – the “gold” color and name is achieved by using the yolk of salted eggs to coat the beans and is a dish that originated from Singapore.

Fried Fish Fillet Lapu-Lapu with Mango

From November 2019 to January 2020, Seascape Village will have a 1 PESO FLASH SALE, where guests can go to any of the participating restaurants during weekdays, from 11AM- 10PM, and only pay 1 peso for the featured dish of the month. All you have to do is like the Facebook page of Seascape Village and share the promo poster on your personal Facebook account and set it to Public.

Every month, the following items will be available at participating restaurants for 1 Peso: NOVEMBER 2019 - 1 whole Chicken for 1 Peso; DECEMBER 2019 - 1 whole Pompano for 1 Peso; JANUARY 2020 - 1 order of Liempo for 1 Peso.

Asian Taste will be one of the participating restaurants and by participating, you’ll be able to try their Grilled Liempo or Chicken or Pompano for just 1 Peso!!!

Thank you Chrizelle for the lovely photos and write up inputs! Follow Chrizelle on Instagram:  www.instagram.com/chrizelleliciouschryzh and check out her blog: chryzhpontaneous.home.blog

Seascape Village, Atang dela Rama St., 
Beside Sofitel Philippine Plaza,
CCP Complex, Pasay City
Contact Nos: 02 8520877
+63 9178557926

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