October 23, 2019

A Whole New Lasagna Experience with Pizza Hut’s New Viva Lasagna Pizza!

I’m not so sure where we Filipinos got our influence when it comes to being fond of pasta and pizza. Though these are originally Italian or Mediterranean dishes, I’m guessing it’s likely the Americans who introduced them to us. There are a couple of pizza places in the Philippine market that are of American origin and one of them is Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut was founded in June 1958 by two Wichita State University students, brothers Dan and Frank Carney, as a single location in Wichita, Kansas. Six months later they opened a second outlet and within a year they had six Pizza Hut restaurants. The brothers began franchising in 1959.

From its modest beginnings in 1958, Pizza Hut has grown to become the world’s largest pizza chain where pizza lovers are guaranteed not only of the best-tasting pizza, pasta, and chicken wings but of excellent, customer-oriented service and that feeling of being in your own happy place with friends and family.

In the Philippines, Pizza Hut began in 1984. It is now the country's most popular pizza chain serving Metro Manila and surrounding provinces, as well as Visayas and Mindanao with its Dine-In Restaurants, Delivery Units and Express Counters. The Home of Pan Pizza has indeed come a long way. It is still delighting millions of customers with pizza that is like no other - no wonder it's the world's favorite. 

Pizza Hut Philippines recently unveiled its newest offering: THE VIVA LASAGNA PIZZA!  Flavorful lasagna meat sauce, bell peppers, Mozzarella cheese, on top of Pizza Hut’s viva pizza crust finished off with lasagna strips and dollops of cream cheese. Pizza Hut knows that Pinoys love both lasagna and pizza, so they thought of marrying the together into one dish that Filipinos of all ages will surely enjoy! This lasagna pizza was already served in Pizza Hut stores across the nation around 10 years ago. But during the re-launch and to make this new pizza flavor yet more amazing and delicious is that they added cheese cream ball on each slice that customers need to spread all over the slice to get that full legit lasagna experience.

Together with the launch of Pizza Hut’s Viva Lasagna Pizza, we also got to try what’s included in their VIVA LASAGNA PIZZA FEAST. This includes a Large Viva Lasagna Pizza, 4 pieces of Fried Chicken, 4 and Tater Tots (which comes in 3 flavors), 4 Mushroom Soups, Caesar Salad and a pitcher of Pepsi soda. All those for only PHP 1299 and can already feed 4-6 persons, sweet deal if I can say so myself!

I’ve already tried those other food inclusions with the feast, in the past; while this is my first time to try Pizza Hut’s Viva Lasagna Pizza. I like it and it’s actually good, especially with that cream cheese dollop on top. I only wish that there’s more ground/minced meat with the sauce. But all in all, I enjoyed everything! 

Set aside your fork and knife because the Viva Lasagna Pizza is #ForYourHandsOnly! So why don't you take home to your loved ones one of their world-famous pizzas today? The Viva Lasagna Pizza is available for dine in, takeout and delivery. Order today via 8911-11-11 or www.pizzahut.com.ph.

Contact Nos: 02 89111111
Website: pizzahut.com.ph
Facebook: facebook.com/pizzahutphilippines/
Instagram: instagram.com/pizzahutphils

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