October 2, 2019

Top 4 Skincare Recommendations for Middle-Aged Women

Whereas age is usually a taboo topic for most aging women, when it comes to skincare, it shouldn't be. As women touch 40, their skin typically becomes more sensitive and drier, re-quiring more attention and care than it used to before. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can protect your skin from aging and various possible problems and diseases, and keep its natural beauty well into middle age as well. Take note of the tips we shared below and pro-vide your skin the care it needs and deserves.

1. Sun protection
Before we start with all the negative effects of tanning, let's make it clear that we don't blame you – everything looks better with a little extra color. However, as much as it seems impossi-ble to resist the lovely warmth on your skin and the thought of the golden tan, for the sake of our health and beauty, there are things to take into consideration before faking or baking your tan. We hate to break it to you, but the answer to the question of how much sun is enough is approximately 15 minutes a day! 

Therefore, there is no such thing as healthy tanning, but there is a possibility of achieving the right balance with moderation and proper sun protection techniques. The sun, the heat and the humidity can cause serious damage to your skin, such as rapid aging, discoloration and different skin diseases, especially if not prepared properly. Make sure your skin is summer-ready before tanning – stay hydrated, use sun protection creams with at least SPF30, and eat lots of vitamin-rich foods. 

2. Sleep enough
If you're wondering how Sleeping Beauty is such a beauty, the answer is pretty obvious. A good night's sleep is crucial for a fresh, healthy and youthful look. Sleep-deprived individuals tend to age significantly faster than those who adhere to a regular bedtime schedule. The stress hormone cortisol is usually produced by a lack of sleep and has negative effects on the skin's quality, leading to increased inflammatory cells and breakdown of collagen. There are many ways you can control and improve the amount and quality of your sleep, including bed-time routine, avoidance of screen exposure in the evenings, skipping heavy meals for dinner and reducing your daily caffeine intake.

3. Invest in quality skincare products
One of the mistakes most women tend to make is prioritizing low price over quality when it comes to skincare and beauty products. If there is one thing that you should not be stingy about, it's your overall wellbeing, which includes your skin health. Our strong recommenda-tion is to carefully check every product's ingredients, and avoid products with harsh chemi-cals in general. Many acne-treatment and anti-aging products are drying and leave your skin flaky and prone to forming wrinkles. If you're one of the many women struggling with une-ven skin tones, age spots or redness, there are great brown spots remover products and other treatment lotions that won't dry out your skin.

4. Turn to nature
Needless to say, Mother Nature is the best possible solution for any problem, including skin imperfections. Besides the most obvious preconditions for healthy and beautiful skin in the form of a balanced and nutritious diet and enough water throughout the day, there are more specific natural remedies you can use either orally or topically. Do a quick research on the so-called skin foods which help you maintain young-looking skin due to their anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial oils and vitamins they contain, and try to incorporate them into your daily diet. Moreover, there are plenty of DYI recipes for facial masks and scrubs you can easily prepare, or even simpler – cover yourself with cucumber slices or rest in a cool bath spiked with some milk and oatmeal to soothe your skin and postpone aging.  

Regardless of your age, your skin deserves the best care possible at all times. Beautiful and healthy go hand in hand, so make sure you're not neglecting your skin health for the sake of current makeup or beauty trends. This way, you'll age well, with a young spirit, a healthy body and glowing skin.

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