October 13, 2019

Artisan Ice Cream by Merry Moo

Don’t you find it puzzling that just when technology is advancing in such a fast pace, where in the world we live in we are always glued to our phones, where life gets chaotic, some just wants to take a step back and live in the past, the old school ways. But living less, simpler, how they did it in the old days, without all the hustle and bustle is more. Yes, it’s true that less is more, in that matter. But more of it, more of all the simpler ways incorporated into our lifestyle is better, and that’s a fact.

There are times that going old school can be bad and sometimes good. After all, we can’t have it both ways. But for this post let me talk about one of the good things of going back to simpler ways. Like when it comes to food, I don’t know if this is because the propagation of the hipster generation brought about by millennials, but somehow, most of us, if not all, went back to going vintage. There’s something about its simplicity and stylishness that we yearn. Nostalgia perhaps. With this, we saw the rise of everything artisan.

An artisan is a skilled craft worker who makes or creates material objects partly or entirely by hand. These objects may be functional or strictly decorative, for example furniture, decorative art, sculpture, clothing, jewelry, food items, household items and tools and mechanisms such as the handmade clockwork movement of a watchmaker. Artisans practice a craft and may through experience and aptitude reach the expressive levels of an artist. After all, all of the things that surround us are art. I mean almost all the products that you could buy have their artisan versions, clothes, shoes, and accessories went back to being bespoke. Food returned to their basic way of prepping and cooking.

Have you heard of Merry Moo? Bet you are singing it in your head, but No silly, I’m not talking about the song. I mean that artisan ice cream brand who specialize in the craft of making real ice cream from scratch and with great ingredients? Well, Merry Moo ice creamery churns for fresh, yummy, and fun ice cream. Their premium ice cream uses fresh, non-Ultra Heat Treated (non-UHT) dairy. Moreover, they source their milk from Laguna dairy farmers who offer holstein-fresian cows a huge pasture to graze and roam freely. Since their dairy is non-UHT treated, the flavor of the milk and cream is unaltered, and it retains its nutritional content.


Like other artisan food makers, Merry Moo’s ice cream is homemade and done only in small batches to guarantee freshness, despite having 5 branches and more than 40 store stockists. They strive to constantly experiment on different flavors, and they love to get new ideas from their customers to create utterly delicious and unique flavors. Merry Moo churn for creative flavors that excite, for their goal is to have you beaming with a smile with their ice cream. I got to try 3 of Merry Moo's best-selling ice cream flavors: Avocado, Berry Cheesecake and Sea Salt Caramel.

Avocado - fresh sun-ripened avocado mixed with cream and sugar. Inspired by our childhood merienda. Ok here's the story why the avocado ice cream looks liquid-y. I usually have packages sent to me at my mom's house because most times I am not home or if I'm home I'm sleeping specially on weekdays. My brother was the one who received them, and he just put the pints inside the ref and not in the freezer because he said the freezer was full and that he didn’t know they were ice cream. Good thing when I woke up, I was able to read the delivery man's message and I called up my brother and told him to put them all inside the freezer because I shoot them the following day.

Berry Cheesecake 

The avocado pint was the last one in so it didn’t freeze that much. Anyhoo, to be honest I liked that it has melted, because it was like a thick avocado milkshake. It really does taste like that avocado dessert that like the owner of Merry Moo used to make during his childhood I used to make. It tasted like my "recipe" of fresh avocado, with overly generous amounts of powdered milk plus some spoonsful of condensed milk. I love it, creamy, it’s thick and the avocado flavor is distinct!

Berry Cheesecake - cheddar cheese ice cream with berry swirls and chunks of homemade graham cracker crust. Everyone knows how much I love cheesecake and my favorite variety is the one topped with blueberry preserves. This ice cream has little hints of saltiness because of the cheese, some sourness/or tanginess from the berries and I love the texture added by huge chunks of the graham crusts. It’s really like eating blueberry cheesecake in ice cream form, which I say is much better than the usual cheesecake. Definitely a must try!

Sea Salt Caramel

Sea Salt Caramel - local organic sea salt added into buttery caramel ice cream base. She sells Sea Salt Caramel on the seashore. Repeat. Haha! I like anything sweet so this one I became a fan easily. I like that the saltiness cuts the sweetness a little so you don’t get over satiated. The caramel has a strong burnt sugar flavor that the caramel has and that the use of local salt which is pretty salty compared to other salts is a wise move and will be very appealing to those who love this combination.

Freshness is one of the key aspects to highlight their ice cream’s distinct smooth texture and creamy goodness. I’m very well please that Merry Moo is one of those brands that that strive to source fresh and local ingredients whenever possible, not only so that the real flavors of the ingredients would shine through, but also to support local farmers, especially during these times that they are being neglected and losing their livelihoods because of importing.

By the way, Merry Moo also offers Party Packages for just about any special occasions and events; thus, making your party yummier with our pop-up scooping station. There are lots, I mean a lot, of flavors that you can choose as well. So better click on the social media links below to check out where you can get their artisan ice creams.

Second Floor, Bridgeway, SM Megamall, 
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Contact Nos: 
Email: merrymoo@ymail.com

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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