October 14, 2019

Buying A Generator? Here's What You Should Consider

The importance of generators in the households as well as industries have increased steadily over the past few years. Many leaders in manufacturing like Generac, Yamaha etc have described their sales to be increasing at a rapid pace, especially during periods where there is a warning of natural calamities.
Areas that have been affected by cyclones, bushfires, storms, etc. have faced severe complications in the absence of a reliable back up power supply. Hence people have become more cautious and avoid taking risks.

Reasons that Generators are a Must-buy these days 
Often, we come across the question- Why is a backup generator essential?  It is easy to understand if consumers are more concerned about assuring a constant flow of power supply by studying the market trends.

Recently there has been an upsurge in the sales of generators of various categories. The market survey indicates that consumers are becoming more concerned about their safety during natural calamities like storms, cyclones, floods, bushfires, etc. A common and serious issue faced in many such situations is the loss of power. This brings life to a halt as mostly all our household and industrial needs are based on a continuous and reliable flow of electricity.

A power failure has many serious implications. Most people face the problem of food getting spoiled when the refrigerator has no power. Storm weary situations create many such issues where even charging a phone becomes difficult.  Communication methods these days are almost completely dependent on the smooth flow of power supply.

Senior citizens are also extra dependent on the power supply. It becomes very difficult for seniors to manage for even an hour’s time without power.  Most of their homes are now being renovated to include security systems, medical and life care equipment, etc. so continuous power supply is a must. All these need a continuous supply of current. Having a suitable generator is the perfect back up plan for all these people. Care homes also fall into this category. Not many people would prefer living without a reliable source of electricity.

The size of the house and the amount of people living is now becoming much larger than in earlier times. As the size increases, the number of power-operated appliances also increases. A generator with ample power back up is an absolute must in such homes.

Industrial complications during a power failure have serious impacts on their annual turnover. The utility companies have such a hard time during periods where every industry/ home faces a power shortage. As the world has turned into a digital arena, more jobs are being assigned and taken up online. Laptops and mobiles need to be charged more consistently. A failure in power results in the loss of millions of working, productive hours. This is not a loss that can be overcome easily. So almost all companies have their own safety measures in terms of generator back up.

Which Is The Best Fit For Your Need
There are mainly three different categories of generator types. These are classified as:

Portable Type
Mainly used as a supply of temporary power. It runs on either diesel or gas. Portable generators are like combustion engines that produce electricity. Brett Patterson from Able Sales (https://www.ablesales.com.au) says that if you want to bring a generator on a camping trip for emergency use, a smaller generator will do the job. It is easy and convenient to use this type in remote areas also. The Power required for all basic necessities including a freezer or television is obtained from a portable generator. These are commonly used in camping and other outdoor sites. They are also commonly used in Nail guns, spray guns, etc.

Inverter Type
In the inverter type generator, the AC power supply is converted with the assistance of an alternator and rectifier into DC and again into AC power. There is a complex electronic circuit involved which relies also on a magnetic field. Three phases of conversion are included which increases efficiency. There will be a constant and continuous flow of power to all the connected appliances. Inverter types can be used in cars, camping sites and also in boats. As it is very energy efficient, the generator automatically adjusts to the energy, voltage, and frequency required by the connected appliances. Among the various categories of generators, the inverter type is one of the lightest.

Standby Type 
As the name suggests, this is used as a standby that switches-on automatically when there is a power loss. There are different types of standby generators which provide power as a permanent alternative. When the power goes off, the generator makes use of a transfer switch for automatic functioning. Hence there is a slight time lapse when the power goes off. Natural gas is used as the main source of fuel. Liquid propane is also used. Another attractive feature is that it conducts self-tests to assess the weekly performance and also to rectify any malfunctioning. This makes it extremely useful in life support and other critical medical equipment. It is also very helpful in the smooth functioning of elevators.

Maintenance of Generators
Maintenance of generators is extremely important and has to be conducted at regular intervals. It is recommended to call a reliable and experienced technician from the respective service center or manufacturing center to conduct the scheduled maintenance. The main points to be inspected during generator maintenance include the following:
-Fuel cleaning
-Unclogging fuel lines
-Regular checks of coolant levels
-Frequent battery checks to ensure power and avoid malfunction.
-Lubrication of engines
-Reattaching loose part of the generator set
-Checking the electrical circuits

As mentioned above, generator maintenance has to be done regularly with prompt supervision. All these inspections have to be recorded accurately too. Consulting the records of previous maintenance will keep track of the problems faced, remedies adopted and future inspection schedules.

Avoid exposing your dear ones to risks and invest wisely and safely to have sufficient backup power. Get ready to face the storms coming your way in life with confidence!

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