October 5, 2019

SNOE Beauty Inc.'s NEW Glam Jam Lip & Cheek Tints!

I love makeup and I couldn’t care less what people think about me wearing makeup or no make. If you prefer natural beauty, well that’s great, if you like someone who’s all dolled up, that’s great too. I won’t ever run a poll on what people prefer me to look, I enjoy makeup and most times I do in fact feel better about myself wearing them. I don’t put on makeup for anyone else but myself. 

During my first year in college I got easily acquainted with girls in my class who are kikay and they are the ones who introduced me to the world of makeup. As years go by, I started getting more interested in it and explored more on this area. I even attended some makeup workshops to learn more. Although I didn’t take it to the next level but did it for myself and do makeup of friends and families for events or special occasions.

I don’t usually stick to one brand when it comes to makeup, I explore which works for me and gives me a bang for my buck and as much as I could I support local brands. One of the local beauty and make up brands that I really like is SNOE Beauty Inc. SNOE is a cult local beauty brand that provides all the tools every woman needs. Since its launching, starting with selling locally made soaps, the brand boomed and expanded into skin care, bath care, whitening, and makeup products. Now they have 20 plus branches across the Philippines.

And just a few weeks ago, SNOE Beauty launched their new product that will surely excite makeup lovers! Plump up the GLAM! The new SNOE Beauty Inc’s GLAM JAM Lip & Cheek Plumper Tint is a long-lasting lip& cheek plumper with instant and lasting results for bigger pouts and higher cheekbones while minimizing lines and wrinkles on and around the lip and cheek area. It will correct, bring volume and moisturize where it is needed!

These Lip and Cheek Tints contains Beta-Glucan - a skin-conditioning agent derived from mushrooms that has better moisturizing effect than hyaluronic acid. Acerola Cherry - contains high levels of Vitamin C to increase radiance for that continuous glow and Escargot - heals and helps with skin regeneration. They come in 4 shades: Strawberry (Scarlet), Chocolate (Goddess), Orange (Crush) and Bubblegum (Blush).

Why I love it:
- Easy to carry and use
- Effective ingredients. Doesn’t only give you that pop of color and life on your face but also contains natural ingredients that helps skin and lips become healthy
- They smell great! All the variants smell exactly like its name’s flavors!
- Easy to apply. Glides easily and smoothly on skin and lips and not messy to use.
- Gives out great tint and highly pigmented
- Stays all day! You may have to use a makeup remover though.
- Safe to use (because of its natural ingredients) plus it’s proudly made in the Philippines #SupportLocal!
- I got them on SALE for only PHP 199! (Check out Snoe Beauty on Lazada.com, on their website snoebeauty.com and other leading malls)

Among the four, I really like the Orange (Crush) and Bubblegum (Blush) shades, which I can use regularly as a base to my lipstick or as it is. By the way, I made an unboxing and shading video of the tints on my Instagram and I hope you can check it out!

Website: www.snoebeauty.com

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