October 12, 2019

9 Surprising Facts on Vaping That You Might Not Be Aware Of

Most people are not aware of vaping. People are quick to judge and their minds immediately jump over to the cigarettes when they hear about smoke. But that is not true in the case of vaping. In fact, vaping is the best thing to turn to when one is trying to quit smoking. It is tobacco-free and is approved by many health specialists as one of the successful ways of quitting.

Vaping is an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette which is a handheld battery-powered device that produces smoke. Their cartridges are filled with liquids which comprise of different flavors, nicotine, and other chemicals. This liquid is then converted into vapor on heating which is then consumed by the person.

1. Vaping is safer than smoking:
E-cigarettes heat nicotine, flavors and other chemicals alongside to create a water vapor that is inhaled by the consumer. Most of these require e-liquid used to fill the device to stimulate a vapor; the liquid is mostly made up of only four basic ingredients: water; nicotine; flavor; propylene glycol (also used in coffee and ice-creams) / vegetable glycerin base whereas regular cigarettes comprise of almost 7,000 toxic chemicals. Studies also suggest that vaping is 99% less likely to harm you than the normal cigarette. Clearly, traditional cigarettes make you consume more toxic chemicals than the modern one.

2. People Friendly:
It reduces the chances of second-hand smoking to almost zero. E-cigarettes do not emit vapor when not in use. Even if they do emit, it is very less toxic compared to the secondhand exposure to regular cigarette smoke. People who smoke traditional cigarettes put other people’s lives at stake too. Tobacco smoke is exhaled by a smoker or released off from lit tobacco which is then inhaled by the people standing near them; this is called passive smoking. Passive smoking has also proved to be very harmful and has affected people’s health. Passive smoking especially affects small children and women who are pregnant or people who are already suffering from health problems. That is why there are strict laws and fines in most countries for public smoking, as to protect the other citizens from passive smoke.

3. Environment -Friendly:
Vaping does not lead to pollution as compared to regular cigarette which releases lots of poisonous toxins in the air. This leads to a variant of air pollution. Two of the most harmful toxins which are released by the cigarettes are carbon monoxide and Tar which are very harmful to our environment and people and animals living in it. These toxins are not emitted while vaping which proves that vaping is a much healthier option for the environment and your surroundings as well.

4. Helps in the transition from the traditional cigarette to an e-cigarette: 
Vaping is considered as a safe and full proof method of eliminating smoking completely bit by bit for the traditional chain smokers and addicts. It is a very likely option for people who smoke 10-20 cigarettes a day, or who cannot go even an hour without a smoke. Vaping gives the smoker the satisfaction of their habit of smoking but just in a much safer and less harmful way. Then slowly as time progresses, they can cut down the level of nicotine also and even come down to 0mg. This is one of the safest ways of quitting which reduces the maximum dangerous symptoms of withdrawal. Studies have shown that out of people who have quit cigarettes, 80% of them have continued vaping and are living a much healthier life.

5. Types of  Vaping:
It is good to get full information on vaping before you start consuming them or teach people about them. You can read this article about Intro to Vaping to know more about vaping. There are four different types of vaping, divided into four generations:
- (First Generation) Cig-A-likes vaping devices; they look like basic traditional cigarettes.
- (Second Generation) Vape Pens. You have to top-up the e-juice and reuse the pen.
- (Third Generation)  Vaping Mods
- (The Latest Generation) Pod System; you can change the pod and reuse it.

6. Flavorful and tasty: 
Unlike traditional cigarettes, you have the option of choosing from hundreds of flavors during vaping. You have a variety of options; from fruity to intense flavors and even light flavors. Top e-juice flavors are Peppermint, Coffee, Menthol, Candy Crush, Lemon Tart, Blue Razz, traditional tobacco, and the list is endless. You can consume whichever flavor you find best and in whatever quantity floats your boat.

7. More economical option:
Vaping is a much cheaper option than the traditional pack of cigarettes. Once you buy a vape pen or any vaping device, you can use it for quite a long time. It only requires you to change or top up the pod, or the e-juice flavor; whichever your device requires at regular intervals. It even depends on how often you use it. It is much cheaper in the long run as compared to buying cigarette packs which one has to buy almost every day.

8. Control over nicotine dosage : 
When a person quits the regular smoking, carbon monoxide starts eliminating from the body slowly and their oxygen levels even out and the lungs start to clear out. In this process of transition, you can keep using the vape for the body to adjust to the sudden changes so that it keeps on lowering the nicotine levels. After a few months, the functioning of the lungs can even improve up to 10-12%, leaving the respiratory system much healthier than before.

9. Overall health is not diminished: 
The use of vape does not diminish the overall health, keeping in mind the skin, the lips, gums, hands, and organs. Nobody can even tell if you are vaping; it is so unnoticeable and concealed. On the other hand, exposure to tar and nicotine which found in traditional cigarettes reduces the blood flow which leads to darkening of melanin in lips and gums which both slowly becomes purple, dark brown and very blotchy. Also, smoking speeds up the aging process of the skin, causing wrinkles. It also has a direct and very adverse effect on almost all organs of the human body and is very addictive.

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