May 13, 2019

Buddha Bar Manila's Game of Thrones Inspired Party

The Filipinos have been known to adopt a lot of Western ways due to being colonized by other countries in the past. And although the Philippines is a predominantly Christian country (thanks to the Spaniards) besides the religious undertakings that most of us do during Lent, the celebration of lesser religiously-related events have also been practiced for quite some time now (that’s thanks to the Americans). One of which is the celebration of Easter through a more festive approach through Easter Egg Hunt and the likes.

Growing up, I’ve only come to know Holy Week nothing more than its religious context. All thanks to my grandmother who’s a devout Catholic. I still vividly remember how solemn it was from Maundy Thursday up until Sunday plus the processions that we would join every afternoon and all. Even Easter Sunday is a still and quiet day reserved for reflection. 

Not unlike today that Easter Sunday has become synonymous with parties and gatherings. People would rather go to the beach on Holy Week and join Easter Egg Hunts. It’s not something surprising if you ask me. There still many devout Christians or Catholics but the Filipinos have evolved especially when it comes to their beliefs. Not to mention the growing population of expats in the country who aren’t all necessary Christians. Easter Egg Hunt is more of a tradition rather than a religious belief that we Filipinos have started to embrace. 

If Easter Sunday was meant for solemnity when I was a kid, last Easter Sunday I found myself at an Easter Egg Hunt at Buddha Bar in Picar Place Makati City. Buddha Bar aptly themed their Easter Egg Hunt this year inspired by Game of Thrones; named Game of Eggs. Not only that the TV show just launched its final season a few weeks ago and people are pretty hyped about it, the use of Dragon Eggs in place of the usual Easter eggs is a clever idea and veers away from the familiar themes other places would be offering.

From the entrance, to the décor, to the food, and the games, everything is Game of Thrones themed and/or inspired. While the kids enjoy the games and all, the adults reveled on the whole entire GOT theme of the party. Buddha Bar even created their own Iron Throne and huge dragon eggs scattered across the venue. 

The kids were treated with loot bags and different kinds of games named after places in Westeros. The host entertained them with other games, balloon shaping, magic and puppetry. Those who won the games were given prizes in the form of toys. Buddha Bar also prepared a photo booth that all the guests can avail throughout the said event. 

As for me, and I think every adult present, I was looking forward with the food. I’ve attended several events at Buddha Bar and their buffet spread is always satisfying. But for this Easter Sunday affair, they leveled it up by preparing dishes inspired by the TV series Game of Thrones. I personally loved the buffet area as most of the cakes and other desserts were named (and inspired) after GOT. They even have a Westeros-shaped cake! The cake was made of chocolate, marshmallow frosting, cookie crumbles and the structures/castles were made of brownie pieces. 

They even named the red velvet cake as Targaryen Red Velvet cake in the colors of the House Targaryen gray and red with a frosting shaped resembling scales of dragon eggs. There was also an Iron Throne topped cake, Wild Fire jello shots, Melisandre’s Elixir and cake pops with the banners of the 7 kingdoms of Westeros. I definitely geeked out over all those!

Aside from the usual buffet dishes Buddha Bar also offered roasted beef and they put up a Grilling and Mongolian BBQ station at the back veranda. As for the kids, selections included spaghetti, fries, breaded chicken breast strips and cake pops. 

All in all, I bet everyone had a good time. I surely enjoyed it and so were the kids and kids at heart. Whatever your beliefs are Easter is something to be celebrated as it always represents new beginnings.

Picar Place, Kalayaan Avenue,
Makati City, Philippines
Contact No: (02) 2469069 ext:524
 (02) 856 6859 / (02) 856 6719 / 
+63 998 983 3918

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