May 14, 2019

Summer Cocktail Making Tips

Summer is just around the corner, so it’s time to think about how we’re going to spend it. Of course, we have all our summer holidays already planned, but what about those amazing summer parties that will make this summer even more unforgettable? There probably are many reasons to throw a party – either an anniversary, birthday, promotion... you name it.

And if you want to think outside the box and be a bit more unique and original, we recommend throwing cocktail parties as they are always fun and different. This is an even bigger “must” if you have a nice garden or a pretty place where you would host it. But how to throw a good cocktail party, and what to have in mind?

Glasses matter
The thing that differentiates a cocktail party from a regular party is your choice of drinks. Making and drinking cocktails is not the same as drinking beer – it’s not enough to pour all the ingredients into one glass, but you really have to give in to the art that is cocktail making. Knowing your recipes and knowing which booze you want to mix together will give you an idea on which glasses to use. There’s a particular reason why different cocktails are served in different glasses, and if you want the best experience, make sure to follow this rule. It can be quite difficult to know which cocktail is being served in which glass, especially if you’re making new cocktails, and in this case, focus on your main alcoholic ingredient.

Figure out the recipes
There’s no summer cocktail party without actual cocktails, so you want to put this on the top of the list. Finding good cocktail recipes is your number one concern, mostly because it is your job to make everyone like your cocktails. When you start searching for the perfect summer cocktail recipes, forget about the boring mixes, and always look for something new. There are so many different websites where you can find great cocktail recipes, and even though some might require a bit more expensive ingredients, they are probably quite worth it. Another great advantage of the popularity of cocktails is the fact that you don’t have to turn on your laptop to find good recipes, as there are amazing cocktail making apps for your smartphone, so you can browse through the recipes anytime you want to.

The snacks on the side
Next up, think about the food. Yes, this is not the main reason you invited people over or threw this party in the first place, but what is a party without food? The best option would be to opt for the services of a good catering company as having finger food to go with your cocktails is quiete advisable. The good thing is that you can find some amazing catering in Sydney, Melbourne, New York or pretty much anywhere in the world. Make sure that you pick the right company, and that you make the right choices (some cocktails don’t match well with certain types of food). Another option is to make the snacks yourself, and you will never go wrong with some Mozzarella sticks or anything with basil, olives, or slices of Prosciutto.

Think of the decor 
Now that you have thought of everything connected to the cocktail party per se, it’s time to think about the decor. This is certainly not one of the most important things to think about when throwing a cocktail party, but if you have time and some extra bucks on your hands, you can make your interior look amazing with some great decor. If you’re throwing your cocktail party in the open, check the weather forecast, and if it’s favorable, you can go completely crazy with the decor. Throwing outdoor parties is always fun and pretty, and the most important thing you need is good lighting. Opt for small LED lamps that you will put around the garden, in the trees, plants and such, and make the whole place magical.

Do you have everything ready now? The final tip is for you to choose the best attire and welcome your guests in style. It’s a cocktail party after all. Play some amazing tunes, put on your best smile and be confident. Not only is this going to be the most visually and thematically interesting party of the year, but you will have a blast. Good luck!

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