May 19, 2019

Advantages Of Vaping Over Smoking

Vaping is a highly popular way to inhale tobacco. There are as many traditional cigarette smokers as there are vapers. It helps to understand the benefits of vaping so as to make a well thought out decision about the way you choose to inhale. If you're planning to cut down on on your cigarette smoking and switching to vaping, then read more for more information. 

Safer than smoking
Vaping is considered to be 95% safer than smoking as per research. There is no tar, ash or combustion associated with vaping and this is why it is considered to be safer than smoking. When you switch from smoking to vaping, you will enjoy better skin health, higher oral hygiene, lung capacity, blood circulation and a better sense of taste and smell.

Flexibility and flavors
You can find basically two cigarette flavors- traditional tobacco and menthol. While vaping, you will be able to choose from numerous options for flavors which include vanilla, strawberry, grapefruit, apple, banana, chocolate, butterscotch, clove, lemon, and many others. You can experiment with different flavors in order to choose your favorite. You can use e-liquids from to mix and discover a combination that you enjoy the most. This is not possible with traditional cigarettes.

Controls the intake of nicotine
When you use traditional cigarettes, you are well aware that you are inhaling a specific percentage of tobacco every time you smoke. There could also be chances that you may not know the amount of tobacco which is present in every cigarette that you smoke. The biggest advantage of vaping is that you can control the amount of nicotine. You can find e-liquids in a range of nicotine strengths and if you prefer to smoke without any nicotine, you have that option open. Those who like a strong amount of nicotine can opt for 36 mg. You can also choose to experiment with the nicotine strength in the e-liquid in order to land a dose that is just perfect.

No smell
Another benefit of vaping is the absence of a nasty smell. Traditional tobacco users make a move to vaporizer because of the strong smell of traditional tobacco smoke. If you smoke a cigar, the smell will linger on your clothing, hair, and hands for many hours. In order to eliminate this smell, consider moving to a vaporizer option.

There is a very common misconception about vaping. Many believe that is only used to encourage traditional tobacco users to quit smoking and this is not 100% right. There is a huge benefit of vaping and it is immense relaxation. It is just like breathing in meditation or stretching before yoga, the ritual of vaping can help calm the body and mind in no time. Many people manage to relieve stress through vaping. No matter if you are a smoker or nonsmoker, vaping is suitable for all. The benefits of vaping are numerous and the number of flavor options are endless. Pick your favorite reason to smoke and choose your favorite flavor of vape for an exceptional smoking experience. 

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