May 3, 2019

How to Look Your Best During Your Summer Vacation

When deep winter months make us feel all cozy and relaxed wanting to eat as much as we can during the holidays – that is when you know it is the perfect time to start planning your next summer vacation. Most people eagerly wait for summer, and they start planning a trip during those cold days. If your preparations have started, but you don’t feel like you are actually prepared, read the following tips on how to look your best on your vacation.

Start sculpting your body on time
Like previously mentioned, preparations of every kind should start early on. You can take up a new sport and start getting fit for those summer months. Along with a fitness routine, a healthy diet is something that will make you look fabulous and feel healthy. Hitting the gym, jogging, or something simple like walking and playing with your dog will do the trick. Also, a few basic exercises like squats, sit-ups, and lunges are enough to tone your body. As far as the food goes, try eating more fruits and vegetables, and of course, fewer carbs and fats. Doing any type of detox program will also clean your body from toxins and make your skin radiant and fresh.

Pick the right swimsuit for your body type 
Finding the perfect swimsuit can be tricky because you like many types, but you are not sure what will suit you. A little guide of basic tips you should follow is all you need. If you have insecurities about your belly, then choose a one-piece bathing suit. If your troubled area happens to be thighs or behind, then opt for a high-waisted design. What makes a big difference in the whole look is the choice of bathing suit bottoms, and now there are many options to choose from. Classic, Brazilian, thong and even boxers and shorts are available. Different designs to flatter every body type, including ones with ruffles, stripes, dots, or mono-color. Play with patterns and designs, and you will find a bathing suit that looks just perfect.

Plan your outfits in advance 
When you start packing for your holiday, it is a good idea to plan your outfits beforehand because that way, you will only bring something you know looks good on you. You can separate your day from night looks, and chose pieces that are easily combined and that have many possible purposes. A simple white shirt, denim shorts, sneakers, sandals, and a summer dress are all pieces you can wear either for walks during the day or a crazy night out.

Always accessorize your outfits
Every outfit, even those that at first seem too simple, can be made into a fabulous combination by accessorizing. Day time outfits for a summer holiday can include big hats, or headbands, and big sunglasses with a retro vibe to them. Beach looks are best styled up with a beach dress, big straw beach bag, roman sandals with straps and again hats and sunglasses. A chic night look can include hoop earrings or a big sparkly necklace and platforms with all white clothes. A popular trend right now is bohemian which you can incorporate into every look for any occasion. Sundresses, lace, or see-through details will all fit the style.

Taking care of your skin during summer months
Even though you might think that skin care during summer is not as important as during winter, it is not quite true. Long sun exposure, humidity, and even salt water all affect our skin. For your skin to look beautiful and not need much makeup while you are on your holiday, the most important thing is to use SPF. SPF will protect your skin from all the harmful UV rays while you are in the sun, keeping it hydrated and fresh. Hydration is also important because salt water can dry out your skin. The positive effects of the sea air and water can only be seen if you have a good base.

The key to every good look is confidence and self-love, without a doubt. These are all just concrete examples of how you can achieve that. These tips are however meant to be helpful in giving you some ideas on how and what to wear and look the best that you can.

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