May 24, 2019

Staycation: 5-Star Feels Staycation at Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle Manila

Staycations are becoming the norm for mini vacations as it gives us the bliss of going on holidays but basically just resting. "La dolce far niente" as they say in Italian, staycations gives us exactly that - the sweetness of doing nothing. I don’t know about you but when I do staycations, I try my best to just lounge around and enjoy the place where I am staying.

You see, when you go on a legit vacation, most of the time you don’t get to enjoy the hotel or place where you are staying. You are always out and about, going on tours and doing activities. And then when you get back to the hotel, you just take a shower and get on to bed. Thus you really don’t get the full experience of the place and its amenities.

That is why when I went on another staycation at Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle last weekend, my friend and I made sure to stay put at the hotel and enjoy what it has to offer even though there are so many things to do in and around the area, more specially that it is located in the heart of Manila. Friends were telling us go there go here eat there eat here. But we were like, nah we're staying in.

Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle is 49-room 4-star property situated in the bustling area of Malate, Manila. It offers luxurious, warm and friendly accommodation for every business and leisure traveler. The hotel is known for its unique Lasallian brand of service as it also serves as a training ground for aspiring hospitality professionals from De La Salle - College of St. Benilde. The newly renovated hotel was meticulously designed by celebrated architects Manny Samson and Rogelio Villarosa to exude a fresh and modern feel. Each room was made to showcase advance guest room features to create a total luxury hotel experience at very affordable rates.

Before I go in detail of my hotel review, can I just say two things first as I might forget to include them later. Number one, the hotel can be effortlessly located, just look for La Salle Benilde and you won’t be lost. It's also at the corner of two major streets: Arellano and Estrada where public transportation is easily accessible. And number two: My friend and I noticed this the moment we stepped in the hotel lobby, that the place smells SO GOOD! Haha! It's that teeny tiny little details that get stuck in my head about the hotel and I promised I will take note of when writing this post.

The Hotel Room
We were given a 30 sqm Deluxe Queen Room on the 12th floor facing West which offers a great view of the Makati and Metro Manila skyline. It is ideal for 2 people but can actually fit 3-4pax (IMO). Upon entering the room, my friend and I can't stop but say "well, this room is pretty" and that we keep on thinking of other 5 star hotels we've stayed at in the past to compare it to. Because it really is at par with those luxurious 5 star hotel rooms, if I can say so myself. The neutral and earth color scheme of the room is also very pleasing to the eyes.

The carpeted room has one queen-sized bed and a huge day bed. Duvet bed linens and pillows are fresh and clean. The bed had a good firmness to it and good graces I loved how I was swimming in bed with so many pillows! I've seen photos of the hotel and the rooms but I didn't expect to be so surprised to find out how spacious it is. I'm telling you, you can lay 2 yoga mats on the floor between the day bed and desk and do a yoga session inside the room and it won’t even feel cramped.

When you enter the room, you will find a closet that spans the walkway to the room proper. Inside you will find hangers, flat iron and ironing board (always a plus!) drawers, electronic safety deposit box, laundry bags, bedroom slippers, a flashlight (cuz you'll never know when the power might be out) and a hairdryer (another plus!)

As you walk a little more there's a LED Smart Cable TV hanging on the wall above another set of cabinet. Inside the cabinet is the mini refrigerator with sodas, beers, wines and chocolates! Just beside it and on the desk is the in-room tea and coffee making facilities, which I always look for in hotel rooms since I love getting my fix of caffeine every morning before I do anything.

If you're travelling due for business, this room is perfect as it has a big work desk with a lamp and nearby power socket which you can turn into your office while you're staying at Hotel Benilde. All writing materials, hotel information, phone, et al were neatly arranged on the desk. Free local calls and free high-speed WIFI comes with the accommodation.

When I travel or do a staycation, I often bring a power extension cord so I can charge all my gadgets at the same time especially if I am with a lot of friends. But another thing that we noticed and highly commendable about the rooms at Hotel Benilde is that there are quite a few power sockets all over the room me and my friend didn't have to ask one another if we are done charging so she can take her turn in charging her gadgets. I also loved the built in bedside reading lamps which are so minimalist.

The hotel also uses an advanced Proximity Card Door Lock System and also an electronic Do Not Disturb and Make Up Room features instead of the traditional door signs. Pretty cool huh?! Really all the feels of a 5-star hotel. By the way, our room also came with a free buffet breakfast, welcome drinks and access/use of gym & swimming pool.

The Bathroom
I am one of those people that is very particular when it comes to bathrooms. I get a feeling close to an allergic reaction (exaggerating a bit here) when I see a poorly-maintained CR. I expected nothing less than pristine with Hotel Benilde's hotel room CR and it did not disappoint. The bathroom was clean and there was no foul smelling odor. Thumbs up!

I don't know what's up with these hotels with bathrooms with glass walls haha! But anyway you can always pull the curtain down to avoid looking like an exhibitionist when you're taking a shower. I love the hot/cold shower system inside particularly because it has a rainshower head.

Toiletries are neatly arranged near the sink with a huge wall mirror that takes up the entire space. As if that's not enough, you'll also find another movable vanity mirror plus the bathroom door is a sliding ceiling to floor mirror. The toilet comes with a bidet too! Yassss? Yassss!!!

The Amenities
Other hotel amenities include car park slots, gym, pool, business center, rooms for PWD and dormitory.

After breakfast my friend and I decided to check out the pool at the roof deck. The pool isn't that big but decent and with a man made falls for a more relaxing atmosphere. But it has a great view of the Manila skyline and you can also get a glimpse of Manila Bay of you look a little further. Too bad the high risers in the distant obscures the famous Manila Bay sunset when we went up during our first day, but still it had a lovely view.

We were also able to check out Hotel Benilde's PWD Room. It doesn’t have any differences with the other rooms except that the bathroom is not divided into sections just one open space and there are installed mobility grab bars and rails.

The hotel also has 2 dormitories and I really like how their Dormitory looked liked. The bunk beds are stylish and the room is well lit. Inside the dormitory are two sets of toilet and bath plus huge lockers assigned for each bed.

Another thing that you won’t usually find in a normal hotel is a baggage x-ray scanning system and Hotel Benilde has one. Although it's only a 4-star hotel, it really wants its guests to enjoy a star 5-hotel experience.

Dining Options
There are two dining options inside Hotel Benilde: Cafe Romancon and Vatel. Cafe Romancon is a contemporary hotel restaurant that serves daily breakfast for in-house and walk-in guests. The café also serves international a la carte dishes and hosts promotional lunch buffets. This is where we had our buffet breakfast and dinner which I will write about in a separate post.

Vatel Restaurant on the other hand is operated in partnership with Institut Vatel in France, Vatel Restaurant Manila serves authentic Mediterranean-French cuisine at the hotel roof deck which shows a scenic view of the Manila skyline. The restaurant also serves as a venue for corporate events with in-house catering services. It is open Monday to Saturday from 10am-5pm if I'm not mistaken

The Service
I have nothing but good to say about Hotel Benilde's service. From check in to check out, it was a breeze. Whenever we want something, set the TV, additional comforter, a pitcher of cold water, additional toiletries, etc., they were fast to cater to our every request. Staff will also greet you every time you come across them.

Overall Experience
The hotel has limited amenities but what they lack they make up with their fresh, modern and state of the art hotel rooms and heartfelt service. This time around I can truthfully say I had a legit hotel staycation wherein I literally did nothing but read, lay on the bed, eat and laze around. 

Looking to unwind while in the city? Set your eyes on the stylish and elegant Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle nestled in Malate, one of Manila’s bustling and historic districts. Expect unparalleled hotel experience and a standard of service that’s only set to exceed expectations. From leisure to business travelers, Hotel Benilde welcomes all guests to the comforts of its sleek, state-of-the-art features and facilities. 

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Arellano Ave cor. Estrada Street
Manila, Philippines
Contact Nos: (02) 230 5230

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