May 22, 2019

Da Rae Jung Korean Kitchen - BGC

Koreans have invaded the Philippines, not literally but figuratively. Korean culture continues to capture Filipinos' hearts with their TV shows, movies, fashion, music, cosmetics and cuisine. Filipinos may not understand the language, yet we completely embrace the Korean culture fever.

Take for example the growing numbers of Korean convenience stores and restaurants. It’s like in every neighborhood; there is highly more than one store or restaurant available. Just like with milk tea, people are also crazy over Korean barbeque and there so many of them in the market. It’s only up to you which brands you’ll patronize.

If you’ll ask me, I’ll give you my most honest opinion that when it comes to Korean barbecue, I always go for the establishments that offer high-quality premium meats. But don’t get me wrong I would still love to try mid-range KBBQ joints especially that most of them offer unlimited meats. Guess what though, I have been to an unli-kbbq once since they proliferated the market.

Just recently, I discovered a place that serves authentic and high-quality Korean dishes and meats for BBQ: Da Rae Jung Korean Kitchen in Fort Strip BGC. I have never heard of them nor notice their branch in BGC even if the building where I work is just across Fort Strip. This branch is already the second branch as their flagship is in Macapagal.

Da Rae Jung Korean Kitchen is owned by an emigrant South Korean couple prides itself by their use of only the freshest and high-quality meats. Their sets, which are usually good for 4 pax, include unlimited banchan and with 4 types/cuts/flavors of beef and/or pork. We got their Set B which is priced at PHP 2200 and this can already feed 4 people with reasonable appetite. The meats included here are: Beef Loin, Boneless Ribs, LA-Style Beef Ribs and Marinated Beef Ribs.

The sets come with an assortment of ban chans, I counted 11 during the first serving but when we asked for refills, some trays came back with new side dishes that weren’t served initially. I like that they have different varieties of greens and was not limited to just the usual lettuce. Among the ban chans I gotta say my faves were the sausage, eggs, seaweed jelly and sweet potato.

Now let's talk about the meats. My God! They are one of the best meats I have ever tasted in my lifetime! Beef that is super tender that too much effort in chewing was not necessary. They almost melt in your mouth. We joked around that the cows where these meats were from, they may have been massaged all their lives or were just laying on their pens until before they were turned into meats. Because seriously they were super tender and tasty, even without those dipping sauces.

They also offer other authentic ala carte Korean dishes from vegetables, meats and seafood. These are the ala carte items that were added to our KBBQ set:

Tteokbokki - popular Korean food which are stir-fried rice cakes loaded with fiery gochujang. This was good, but I have very low tolerance with spicy food that I just took one slice of this just to see how it tasted.

Jap Chae - stir fried glass noodles and vegetables. This was a very simple dish but super tasty and savoury. I really liked it and it's one of the great Jap Chae's I've tried.

Mugeunkimchijiggae - braised pork with aged kimchi stew. This is similar with sinigang's tangy flavor but spicy. I think this ultra comforting Korean stew will appeal to Filipinos because it can be compared to sinigang and you know how Filipinos love soup.

Sundubu jiggae - soft bean curd stew. It's loaded with delicious and extra soft tofu and veggies and the soup is very refreshing. It’s similar to miso soup in my opinion.

And before I forget, their cold green tea is so good and refreshing! It has a very clean, smooth and yet subtle green tea taste with a very really distinct barley aftertaste.

I also heard that Korean nationals who work and live in BGC frequent this place, which tells a lot of the place. I completely enjoyed the food and our overall visit to Da Rae Jung Korean Kitchen that I will definitely tell my friends about it! I will surely go back there especially that it’s just a stone's throw away from where I work. If you’re also like me who prefer quality meats greater than unlimited average meats, then this is the place for you.

2F The Fort Strip, 28th St., Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City
Contact Nos: 02 2469069 ext:394 
0917-561-8282 / 0999-991-4255

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