May 28, 2019

Authentic Japanese Cuisine at Fukurou Nihonryori - Marcos Highway

I have always been fond of anything Japanese; from their culture & traditions, to their literature, to their fashion and most especially their cuisine. Back then, most kids my age won't usually love eating Japanese food and raw food like sushi. I on the other hand have greatly enjoyed eating sushi and maki at a young age. And as I grew older, Japanese food is still one of my favorite international cuisines to eat.

I can’t reiterate enough how much I love Japanese cuisine; it is and will always be on top of my list. Some may dislike it because they don’t like eating raw and some say some dishes are bland and not as complex as other cuisines. But like all the other things in Japan, food is considered art. Some follows traditional ways of creating or preparing and some are innovated as well.

People also tend to see Japanese food as something expensive, and yes with that pre-conceive notion of how can it be expensive when the food doesn’t even contain that many spices. But certain Japanese restaurants always aim to give us the authentic and freshest flavors and that won’t be achieve if they get mediocre ingredients. Thus, they have to import almost all the ingredients for their dishes directly from Japan. 

In the area where I live, there aren't much establishments that offer the legit flavors of Japanese food. Good thing I learned about Fukurou Nihonryori. The restaurant’s name might ring a bell, because you’ve likely heard about it before and it’s not a new player among the small number of Japanese restaurants in the East side. It has transferred places quite a few times already and has now found its current home at Pinnacle Plaza along Marcos Highway.

Fukurou means owl in Japanese and also connotes luck with the word “fuku”; thus, the name suggests wisdom and good fortune. Nihonryori, on the other hand is a Japanese word that literally means Japanese cuisine. I don’t know why the owners of the restaurant chose these two words for their business; all I know is that this place is elegant and offers authentic Japanese dishes in reasonably great prices.

Check out the dishes that led me to a happy belly:

Sashimi Moriawase - salmon, maguro (tuna), white fish (Mackerel) and squid. Ain’t this collection of raw seafood beautifully plated? I swear I can finish several servings of this. If I didn’t have to share it, I can devour everything in a jiffy. Damn those salmon and tuna slices have such buttery texture they almost melt in your mouth. The squid didn’t have any of that fishy smell nor taste. Everything was so fresh.

Ebi Tempura - deep fried prawns in Tempura batter. Another Japanese food that I won’t get tired eating. I am allergic to shrimps/prawns, but nothing can stop me from eating them; thanks to my trusty friend called antihistamine. We ate this a few minutes after it was cooked and man these were the bomb! Super good! And not even the slightest hint of allergic reaction. That's when I know the shrimps are fresh and cooked well.

Vegetable Fried Rice - stir fried rice with Mirin and chopped vegetables. This was not on my top three that day, but this was equally good and had that smokey taste since it was stir-fried.

Volcano Roll - ebi, cucumber and spicy sauce. One of Fukurou's best-selling rolls. I love everything about it; the presentation, the texture, the taste and the spicy sauce dripping all over. Definitely a must-try!

Yakisoba - Japanese stir fry noodles and pork and vegetables. I'm not particularly fond of anything noodles, soba or ramen. They are not my go-to Jap food fix. This yakisoba was ok but can still improve. I like that it had a generous amount of bonito flakes on top of it though, and that's my consolation.

Fried Maki - this fried California roll topped with a special sauce is one of Fukurou’s best-sellers. The crispy outside surface of the maki add a nice texture to the usual soft California Maki.

Complimentary Appetizer - carrots, cucumber with Japanese mayo. Something to nibble on while waiting for your main orders.

Tonkatsu - - deep fried pork cutlet served with a side of cabbage strips and sesame sauce. This tonkatsu has a crispy panko breadcrumbs outside and juicy meat on the inside. Even if it wasn’t warm anymore, the tonkatsu still tasted great. This went well with the Vegetable Fried Rice.

Yakiniku - grilled meat cooked in yakiniku sauce. I can’t even put into words how much I love this dish. The beef strips were perfectly thin just the right breadth to be a vessel for that really savoury sauce. They are very tender, very juicy and have beautiful marbling even after cooked.

S'mochi - chocolate mocha ice cream with graham crackers and toasted marshmallow.

Neopolitan Mochi Platter - chocolate strawberry and vanilla mocha ice cream

Kinako Kuromitsu Mochi - vanilla mocha ice cream topped with soy bean powder and syrup

Fukorou Iced Tea and Peach Mango Drink - Fukurou house-blend iced tea and mango juice with peach syrup and peach cubes.

I loved all the desserts that we tried at Fukurou as I love mochi. Most of the desserts are mochi but the rice cake part is thin and is more of a covering or vessel for the ice cream. I cannot pick a favorite among the desserts because I like them all. You should also try the Peach Mango Drink, it’s not too sweet and surely is refreshing.

So, if you happen to be from the East or just want to try a new restaurant that offers authentic Japanese food, head on over to Fukurou Nihonryori, it’s definitely a Japanese food place that anyone who loves the cuisine will surely love and enjoy. Therestaurant is open from Tuesdays to Sundays 11am to 10pm and they are closed on Mondays.

GF Pinnacle Plaza, beside Town & Country Executive Village
Marikina-Infanta Highway, San Isidro, Cainta, Rizal
Contact Nos: 02-2866662 / 09155451245

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