May 29, 2019

What’s New at High Street Café, Shangri-La Hotel the Fort BGC

When you deal with food which do you prefer, quantity over quality or vice versa?  When you want to eat like a high roller, your go-to should be hotel buffets as they give you both quality and quantity. It’s nice to treat yourself with something that will comfort your soul and your tummy at the same time. Plus, let me tell you his, you deserve it! And no, it’s not stress-eating, it’s self-reward and self care.

You'll find buffet greatest hits at High Street Café at Shangri-La The Fort. Whether you’re heading to a High Street Café buffet because it’s a great value, because you can try a wide variety of delicious foods from around the world, or just because it’s sort of a low-key must-do when in BGC, there’s something for every hungry guy and girl, at every time of the day.

High Street Café at Shangri-La at the Fort introduces a modern food hall lined with a wide range of international cuisines. It’s a modern food hall lined with an array of offerings from the different stations or “neighborhoods” which includes Japanese, Mediterranean, Chinese, Western, Seafood and Raw Bar, Salad Bar, Rotisserie and a Dessert section.

Designed by The Rockwell Group from New York, the restaurant exudes a more contemporary, laidback and casual vibe to match the BGC atmosphere. The walls shows off commissioned art from various local artists and vintage finds curated especially for the cafe. The restaurant embodies a Chef’s Library or creative space – a place where chefs are free to express their passion and uniqueness through the culinary masterpieces they prepare.

You’ve been here before I guess. As for me it was my first time, even though I just work two blocks away. And tell me I’m lucky but during my first visit is also the day High Street Café launched their newest addition to their food stations: The Seafood Bucket Station! I’m allergic to shellfish (shrimps, crayfish, prawns, crabs, lobsters) but nothing can stop me from enjoying them thanks to a pop of antihistamine! Yasss!

The Seafood Bucket Buffet allows you to get all the freshest seafood catch and this won’t “pail” in comparison to the rest! Scoop all the seafood choices from the spread that you can fill in your tummy. Get saucy and choose from: Garlic Butter, Sweet and Sour, Szechuan Chili Garlic, Kung Pao, and Salt Pepper Chili. Hand over your buckets and table number to the Seafood Ambassador and head back to your table or get your fill of the rest of the buffet while you wait and Voila! Your hand-delivered seafood selection awaits!

The sizes of the seafood are not the normal ones you would find in your local neighborhood markets, mygoodlawd!  The crayfish was almost the size of my face and the tiger prawns were the size of my palms. I loved the basic garlic butter sauce but the rest were good too. Am I dreaming and in seafood heaven? If yes, please don’t wake me up!

Another thing to enjoy at High Street Café is their DIY Poke Bowl. But if you don’t which ones will taste great together, you can always ask the staff manning this section to surprise you and create a poke bowl that you will surely enjoy. I loved the one that the staff made for me which contains salmon cubes, mango cubes, veggies and a soy sesame dressing. It was wonderful!

We also tried the other offerings from the other stations. As for me I indulged myself with a lot of slices of salmon sashimi, some bikini sandwiches (those are out of this world!), several types of cheeses topped with honey with truffle oil, laksa (one of the best I’ve tried), Angus steak, lamb chops et. al.

And lastly, I saved enough room to devour all the desserts that I can stuff in my tummy! I wouldn’t miss this for the world! High Street Café’s lava cake, my goodness gracious that was one memorable dessert! I also enjoyed the macarons, assortment of cakes, ice creams and chocolate medallions.

You can also try their refreshing drinks and alcoholic beverages made with only the high-end wines and liquor for a minimal additional fee.

I swear I wasn’t prepared for all the food that was beheld upon me, but I’m not a quitter so yeah, I dove head on and pigged out like no other. Needless to say I left that place with a smile on my face and happy tummy as I was able to eat all the food that I love in just one night!

Below are the schedule and rates for High Street Café’s Buffet:
Breakfast Buffet  6am – 10am | Mon-Fri PHP1350
Breakfast Buffet  6am – 10:30am | Sat-Sun PHP1350
Lunch  11:30am – 2:30pm | Mon-Fri PHP1550
Lunch 12noon – 3pm | Sat PHP1880
Lunch 12noon – 3pm | Sun PHP2200
Dinner 6pm – 10:30pm | Mon-Thu PHP1980
Dinner 6pm – 10:30pm | Fri-Sun PHP2200

Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila
30th St., cor. 5th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City,
Contact Nos: +63-2-820-0888

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