May 15, 2019

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast - Kapasigan Pasig City

How do you say good morning in your language or dialect? In Tagalog, we say it as “Magandang Umaga!” This greeting can be heard all day at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast as it is the restaurant’s “battle cry”. Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is a casual dining concept restaurant that serves affordable gourmet breakfast meals all day.

I clearly remember the first time I dined at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast at their flagship branch in Mandaluyong and completely fell in love with their great food offerings and unique concept. From its humble beginnings as a side-street eatery in a quiet residential area of San Joaquin Street, Plainview, Mandaluyong City; slowly by word-of-mouth it gained fame because of its unique and delicious offerings with a neighborhood eatery set up. Today they have 8 branches across Metro Manila and will be opening 2 more in BGC and UST.

I visited their Kapasigan branch in my hometown of Pasig City (born and raised! Woot!) a few weekends ago. It is located 27 A. Alcalde Jose St., Kapasigan Pasig City which is just in front of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig and Pasig City Children’s Hospital. Their branch here is a dated probably circa 1970-80s house that was transformed into the restaurant. The second floor even had wooden panel flooring and jalousie windows that greatly reminded me of our ancestral house which is just in the next neighborhood.

What’s unique about this branch is that their second floor serves as a function room which they call “Corner Hub” and that this is the only branch, for now, that serves the 69er Meals. The Function Room can cater to just about any events from small meetings and big occasions.

Aside from their regular menu, the Kapasigan, Pasig City branch have this exclusive offer called the 69er Meals a complete meal with their well-loved mains with rice, egg and tomato-pesto, aimed to cater to the students of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig and the surrounding communities.  Here are some of the 69er Meals:

Spam - steamed white rice topped with a slice of spam and egg

Pampanga Tocino - steamed white rice topped with Pampanga tocino and egg

Lucban Longganisa - steamed white rice topped with Lucban Longganisa and egg

Spanish Sardines Tempura - steamed white rice topped with Spanish Sardines coated in Tempura batter and egg

Of course, we also ate some of Kanto Freestyle Breakfast’s best-sellers:

Chocnut Champorado with Tuyo - chocolate porridge topped with salted dried fish (tuyo) flakes. I love how thick and dense the consistency of their champorado with hints of nutty flavor from the chocnut.

Sisig Rice - stir fried fragrant rice combined with the crispy goodness of sisig. KFS uses chopped lechon kawali together with other usual sisig ingredients to create this dish thus making this super tasty.

Waffles and Chicken - deep fried buttermilk chicken paired with fluffy waffles served with milk ganache and maple syrup.

Tinapang Galunggong - smoked Galunggong fish with rice and eggs. Galunggong is a fish which is staple in the diet of Filipinos. I just find this dish quite clever as it is a nod to the daily Pinoy meal for humble households.

Danggit - one of the oldest items on the KFS Menu that is served with rice, your choice of eggs and tomato pesto. I’ve always liked danggit and of course I loved this one too because they are crispy and I like it paired with the pesto tomato (it’s a signature side dish of KFS that I love eating)

Bacon and Cheese Mushroom Omelette - all of my favorite things in the world, folded into a fluffy scrambled egg and then served with toasts.

Pancake Platter (Goya & Chocnut Ganache, Mixed Berries, Ube) -fluffy pancakes topped with all of KFS available pancake toppings. Well my favorite will still be the mixed berries. It still tastes like heaven just like how it was back when KFS was still starting.

Kanto Fresstyle Breakfast Kapasigan will also launch their Swakto Meals by August and this will include snack servings of Churros, Eggs Benedict and Deep Fried Oreos.

Just like the other Kanto Freestyle Breakfast branches the Kapasigan Branch is open 24/7 and dishes are available for Grab Food and Zomato delivery. The taste and quality of the food at KFS stays the same throughout the years even if they have expanded and have become well-known. That’s why I love coming back to Kanto.

27 A. Alcalde Jose Street.,
Kapasigan Pasig City
Contact Nos: 02 6387338

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