August 2, 2017

5 Bathroom Renovation Tips for Your Dream Space

Bathrooms may be the smallest rooms in most households, but they deserve attention big time. First of all, considering that you spend a lot of relaxing time there, sprucing up the space goes a long way in boosting your satisfaction. Besides, bathroom renovations, alongside kitchen updates, rank as top projects in terms of ROI. So, if your bathroom is rather bare bones, it is time to roll up your sleeves. Here are some tips on how to bring effortless elegance, beautify your space, and turn into a small domestic oasis.  

The craft of budgeting
Before you start translating your ideas into reality, put the expectations into perceptive. Come up with a budget and identify total remodeling costs. Factor in materials, labor, as well as the size and layout of the bathroom. All these aspects determine how much money you will have to put into the project. Splurge on the things that will act as mainstays of your bathroom’s new identity and save money in other areas. There is no need to spend it like there is no tomorrow. 

Let there be light 
Adding new lighting fixtures is one of the best ways to make a difference and tie your small space’s look together. Many bathrooms have shabby lighting and make grooming and other activities a hassle. This is a shame since there are various options you can opt for, including flush mount, track lighting, chandeliers, and sconces. They infuse the bathroom with sparkle and shine and enhance the functionality of it.  And in case you are blessed with natural light, make the most of it. 

Visual bliss 
To give your bathroom a facelift, you can apply a fresh coat of pain. As for the tiles, they are an obvious choice and for good reasons too. They deliver a strong visual impact, especially if you opt for bold patterns, mosaics, and contrasting colors. That is not all, though, because today, one can also find a slew of moisture-resistant wallpapers with washable, easy-to-maintain finishes. Some of them even mimic the look of tiles and feature attention-grabbing shapes and tones. 

Do not make water an adversary
You might be eager to prioritize aesthetics, but functionality should come first. Bathrooms endure a heavy beating from water, which suggests that you have to make it waterproof. This is the only way to prevent structural damage and mold problems. Thus, seal the floors and shower surround and apply a waterproof caulk. Make certain the plumbing works like a charm. In case you are not familiar with these projects, do not fret. Simply hire a professional like plumber in Pennant Hills and get high-grade results. 

Attention to detail 
Finally, there are many small and simple additions that are worth considering. For instance, replace existing vanity vessels with a gleaming brass set and incorporate vintage finishes for some extra flair. Invest in a new shower curtain and see to it that it matches the rest of the environment. Also, feel free to pair it up with vintage glass hooks. Furthermore, add a new mirror to the wall instead of the plain one. That way, you will magically expand the space, and create a shimmering visual symphony. 

A picture-perfect retreat 
Bathroom remodeling is no cakewalk. You need to keep the nitty-gritty detail in mind and not lose sight of the big picture as well. Still, with some planning and legwork, you can add style without breaking the bank and turning renovation into a months-long nightmare.  So, measure twice and cut once. Pull off a fresh, new look. Treat yourself with a personal sanctuary, where you can do anything, even drift away to the land of dreams. Feel the air of tranquility snuggling you up and melt your worries away. 

Guest Post by: Lana Hawkins 

Lana is a crafty girl and a student of architecture from Sydney. Lana loves to write about home décor and landscaping. In her free time, Lana enjoys cooking and traveling to exotic destinations.

Thanks alot for this article Lana!

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