August 7, 2017

Wow Your Guests with Well-Thought-Out Wedding Favors

A wedding only happens in one day, but it takes months to a year to prepare for that single day. There are so many aspects in a wedding that guests and spectators have no idea how much hard work is put in to it.  The time, stress and the amount of money put into a wedding is to be treated as a big deal because a couple has to squeeze planning and accomplishing a lot of things for their wedding on top of their daily jobs and other personal tasks. 

I love being a part of someone's wedding and even the thought of being invited in a wedding is a huge privilege for me. It actually pains me to see that people nowadays, when they get invited to a wedding, they feel like the bride and groom owe them something. When in fact, the attitude  should be that being invited in a wedding, more so if you're being chosen as part of the bridal entourage, you should feel privileged in a humble manner. 

That's why I always treasure every part of a wedding that I attend to. I mean, I appreciate the ceremony, the decorations, the program and even the souvenirs that I get to keep after the wedding. Especially when I'm part of the wedding entourage, I keep my bouquet for days, because you know, that costs something and I hate to throw it away. What I love some of the wedding I attended in the past are the unique wedding gift ideas that the couple give out to their guests.

Wedding favors are most of the time the least of the couple's priority in the whole wedding planning process. That's why I love well thought of wedding favors, especially if they represent well the bride and the groom. For me a personalized wedding favor is appreciated more by guests and DIY wedding giveaways are more precious.

If the couple then can't do DIY wedding favors because of their busy schedules, there are tons of products in the market that they can choose from and personalize as their giveaways and will still speak volumes about them, their likes, hobbies or personalities. If they're a couple who loves quirky stuff or anything vintage or if they love coffee or food, I think these mason jars are good giveaways. They're functional and cute as the same time. 

If you're a couple who loves to travel, what more can represent you both but these travel essentials: luggage tags and travel bags/kits. 

If you want something very useful for your guests mini first-aid kits would be so cool, I know you don't want your guests to encounter an injury anytime soon but these are really very hand to keep in our bags and purses. These would greatly represent couples who are in the medical field. 

Couples who are both tech-savvy or in the information technology field, these flash drives will be very good representatives of them. They're very handy and would be very useful to your guests. I attended an event a few years back (though not a wedding) and flash drives were their event tokens and up until now I still use it.

For couples who loves the outdoors, those who loves hiking, climbing mountains and camping, giving out mini power banks and flashlights is a good idea. They're very useful right? They've been to places where electricity is more often than not ain't always available and they know how power banks  and flashlights are very useful. 

And lastly for the couple who are music lovers, musically-inclined or artists themselves, these portable blue tooth speakers are your way to go wedding favors. Oh man, I would be very glad if I receive one of these in an event or a wedding, as I myself loves to listen to music 24-7. 

Besides the brides' wedding dress, wedding favors should also be well-thought-of. They should also be functional and not as something that would end up as displays and will just collect dusts in the future. In that case wedding guests can still use them for a quite a while and everytime they'll see or use it, they will remember how beautiful, fun and memorable your wedding was. 

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