August 31, 2017

Oh To Be Young Again!

Yes, to be young again! I was just talking with a colleague about what it was like back when I was in high school and college a while back. That got me reminiscing, became very nostalgic and thought about the things I could have done differently. You know if given the chance, I would undo a lot of the stupid decisions and indecisions that I have committed. I wonder if life would be better or it will just create some butterfly effects. 

Like, if I was wiser with career goals and relationships, would have I been up in the heavens. Not that I am discontented with life right now, don't get me wrong, I am blessed beyond belief and I've never been this happy and at peace with myself and my life without having to depend my happiness and worth from other people. I am joyful now than ever before. And I am grateful for that and I cannot even explain how much I am. 


Looking back, I know I could have made better choices. Say for example, the way I choose my personal style and not copying the trend or basing them on what I saw on magazines or on TV. I just remembered how I look awful during special events at school. I should have chosen better looking prom or Homecoming dresses and not just bought what's on the store racks. 

I wish Elie Saab or Zuhair Murad was there to influence me with my fashion decisions. I wish fashion was more glamourous back then. I wish social media was already big then like it is now and shopping was just a click of a button just how it is nowadays. That you have thousands of choices and not stuck with basics and common things. The generation of today is the luckiest because they have everything at their fingertips; even clothes and Homecoming Dress Under $100 is just a click away. 

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