August 20, 2017 Haul 3 + Review

Ciao bellas! How’s life going? As for me, life has been good as always! Busy as well and always toxic at work. And you know what a stress girl needs right? Some window shopping or straight up shopping. I recently added some stuff to my online shopping cart from Rosegal. This is my third purchase from Rosegal and I don’t think you can call it a haul because there’s only two items for this package. But, oh well, let’s call it a haul anyway. 

Btw, if you’re not familiar, is one of the many Asian-based online shopping sites. They originally offer vintage style clothing but ventured also to contemporary fashion offering clients hundreds of styles of dresses, swimwear, jewelry, shoes, bags and other fashion-related items. is one of the many Asian-based online shopping sites. They originally offer vintage style clothing but ventured also to contemporary fashion offering clients hundreds of styles of dresses, swimwear, jewelry, shoes, bags and other fashion-related items. 

Here are the items I got for this third haul: 

22 Pcs Nylon Eye Lip Makeup Brushes Set 
Category: Makeup Brushes Set / Brush Hair Material: Nylon / Package Contents: 22 x Brushes (Pcs)

The makeup brush set contains: 1 flat foundation Brush, 6 pieces of eye shadow brushes including smudge brushes, 3 flat brushes, eyebrow brushes,  2 slanted brushes and 4 lip brushes. There’s also an eye shadow applicator, eyebrow brush, spoolies and 4 double edge brushes. The brushes I think are the perfect size and length for me, they aren’t that short nor long, just the perfect length. They are about 6-7 inches long.

I got these brushes since my current ones are already worn out and need to be replaced as soon as possible. I think this set is a steal for its price. For less than $10 you get this many pieces. I like how sleek the gold and matte black combination of the ferrules are. They also look very sturdy and would last long.

Some of the brush fibers aren't dense and super soft and some are.  They pick up pigments pretty well and o strands are falling off as well. I also like that they came in individual plastic packaging which I can use to protect each brush while not in use. But I have purchased mesh brush guards recently so I will probably use those but I will still keep these plastics just in case. Now I can finally retire my old brushes and use these new one. It has been a while since I purchase a set of brushes, so I am glad I finally have a fresh set.

Zip Back Cutout High Heel Sandals 
Color: Black / Size: 37 / Sandals Style: Gladiator|Lace Up / Closure Type: Zip / Shoe Width: Medium(B/M) /  Upper Material: Suede / Heel Height: 12 cm / Heel Type: Stiletto Heel 

I’ve been such a lazy girl for years now and what I mean is that I rarely, I mean very rarely, that I wear heels to work or when going out and about. I think I’ve put more emphasis on comfort than looking stylish nowadays. Back when I was in college I would wear heels with my school uniform and every time I go out you would also always find me in heels. This was to compensate for my petite height and the thought of being fashionable always. 

My love affair with high-heeled shoes was reignited when I saw these pretty by lace-up sandals. It is one of those instances that I fell love at first sight with a style of shoes. I wasn’t so much into these lace-up or cage shoes because I thought they would make me look smaller than I already am. But I've seen petite fashionistas wearing them and they carry them well with height flattering outfits.

These lace-up heel sandals are like jewelry to the feet. Just like other accessories, they literally enhance an already glamorous ensemble or give a boost to a casual OOTD. There are many styles that were released but one thing is for sure, wearing these lace-up heels with anything you’re wearing will give that outfit an instant boost of sophistication and style.

I already have two similar shoes like this from another brand which I had my friend buy from the US, but my black one is quite worn out so that made me decide to get this pair. This shoes are of good quality and the materials used don’t look sub-standard at all. These babies have heels that are 4-inches high and they don’t have front platforms, they are still comfortable to wear because the shoe bed has some good cushioning.

Gladiator heels usually adds a masculine touch to a girl's outfit, but these babies have cut outs and the sides greatly reminds me like the edge of doilies so it yields a feminine touch somehow. They are literally incredibly sexy and yet still elude a sense of romance because of the laser cut out design and the faux suede material.  It’s so versatile that it can be worn both with dresses, jeans and trousers. For this shoes’ quality and price, this literally is a good steal and a must buy. 

So what do you guys think of this mini haul? Interested in any of these items? Just click on the links below to check them out:
 >> 22 Pcs Nylon Eye Lip Makeup Brushes Set
>> Zip Back Cutout High Heel Sandals

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