August 4, 2017

9 Steps to Planning Your Engagement Party

All the glitz and glam that comes with the engagement sure calls for some (or a lot of) attention! Beauty-obsessed goddesses will probably pay even more attention to planning their engagement party than the other cuties but nevertheless – it is the enthusiasm that counts.Hoping to help on this magnificent journey, we're asking 9 crucial questions to push you in the right direction.

Who is hosting the party?
Looking to throw a bash and celebrate your ring? Go for it! The first thing you should do is figure out who is going to host your party. Traditionally, the bride’s parents are the ones in charge – however, these days, it’s all a matter of agreement. So, talk to your husband to be, make the necessary arrangements, and start from there. 

What is your budget?
Sit down with your future husband and start crunching some numbers. There’s no need to go over the top (after all, you do have a wedding coming up) unless you’ve got no budget limitations. This budget maneuvering will be a perfect practice for your wedding planning!

Do you have a venue? 
Whether you are going with a rented venue, your own backyard, or any other place you’ve got in mind, it’s important that you either book it or prepare it on time. Don’t wait for everything else to be done first, or you may end up without a place for your party. 

Do you have a specific décor in mind?
Engagement parties are usually a girl thing; however, we like the idea of having the future husband included in the party too. With that in mind, talk to him about which features he’d like to see, and find a way to make it work. A themed engagement party is also a good idea, so if you are big on a specific theme, no matter which, don’t refrain from bringing it to life. 
What about food & drinks?
No one wants to leave their guests hungry or thirsty (or go with a menu nobody would want to touch), so brainstorm a menu your guests will adore. A five-course sit-down dinner? Sure, if that’s your thing! A buffet with a drink stand? Also amazing! Really, anything works as long as it fits your budget, the overall feel of your engagement party, and the tastes of your guests. An idea: Include a bit of personalization to the servings by featuring a cuisine or drinks from a special vacation or date, and add some decorations or cards that explain why those servings are special for you and your partner.

When do you plan to hold the party?
Depending on how big or small your engagement party is going to be, you can throw it anytime from just a few weeks after you’ve said “yes” to a few months into the wedding planning. Also, take into consideration the level of intimacy of your party – are you going to invite just the immediate family and best friends or make it a bash. Once you decide on the size of the event, it’ll be easier to send your engagement invitations in time. Do note that last-minute decisions don’t work anymore. Try to be respectful of people’s schedules if you want to actually have people show up. 
Is the dress ready?
No matter how laid-back your engagement party may be, you still deserve to have a special outfit for the day. When choosing your outfit, keep the venue in mind as well as the décor. Go for something that won’t steal your wedding’s thunder but will still make you look and feel amazing. This applies to both of you.

What about makeup?
Yes, you’ve mastered the art of doing your own makeup but this is a special occasion and you don’t want to risk messing it up. Make sure you book a makeup artist for two appointments – the first one for a tryout and the second one the actual party. Also, schedule the date of the tryout at least a few weeks before the party.

Do you have a photographer secured?
If you don’t, start looking for one! Go through recommendation, Instagram profiles (there are so many fabulous wedding & engagement photographers available for booking on Insta + you can see their work there), wedding blogs, etc. But please start straight away! The same applies to videography.

Now that you have all worked out and the stress is minimized, you can congratulate yourself and pour a glass of wine to celebrate.

Guest Post by: Emma Lawson

Emma Lawson is a passionate writer, online article editor and a health enthusiast. In her spare time, she likes to do research, and write articles to create awareness regarding healthy lifestyle. She also strives to suggest innovative home remedies that can help you lead a quality and long life. Follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson

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