August 8, 2017

Ambition. Dedication. Determination.

I am at my unhealthiest state at the moment. I've been living a very sedentary life for months or a year now. And that has taken a great toll on my body. I always feel tired than usual, I sleep half the hours that I should and I often get sick.

At this very moment I have a tonsillitis is about to erupt which would cause me to call in sick at work for a day or two. And it sucks, I hate being sick, I hate the feeling of being sick. This got me thinking that I need to really really commit to changing my dietary and lifestyle ways.

For one I am not getting any younger and my metabolism is not that great when I was in college. This makes me prone to more diseases and the genes that I got from both of my parents aren't quite the good genes since both sides suffer from diabetes and heart problems. 

What works for me is cutting down on my rice intake. The exercises that gives me good results is doing yoga, running on treadmill and stationary biking. Cardio and stretching does good things to my body. Yoga lessens my back pains especially my upper back pains that I get when I'm stress from work and for sitting in front of a computer from hours on end which my job requires me to do.

My only problem when it comes to running and biking is that my knees hurts once in a while. I don’t know if it is because my knees can't carry weight anymore and that they're not used to high impact exercises. I would love to do cross fit since I heard it gives great outcomes. But then again I need to consider the state of my knees. With that being said, I think I badly need to use a knee compression sleeve crossfit because it is the perfect solution for keeping for your knee problems at bay  as it helps reduce swelling and pressure on knees, prevents injury in high impact sports as well as lifting, helps prevent possibility of Runner’s Knee and Jumper’s Knee, helps prevent knee joint injury (ACL, MCL, and PCL) and keeps joints warm cold weather.

Besides that I seriously need to lose weight for appearance purposes and to fit in clothes and swimsuits; I should really think about the real reason why I should be doing a healthy lifestyle. And the decision to finally stop procrastinating about going back to exercising and eating properly should be anchored to deeper purposes and not just because I want to be slimmer. I guess that what's hindering me and some people in achieving real results and progress because the goal is superficial instead of being having a healthy way of living.  So that makes me needing to really have ambition, dedication and determination to achieve my healthy body goals. 

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