August 30, 2017

Buendia Food by the Court: Korvits Grill

In less than a year, Buendia Food by the Court has already established itself as a favorite foodie destination and hangout in Makati City. Launched early this year by SUDECO, the unique food park, which also houses a basketball court, started out with 13 merchants. Today, BFBTC has a total of 27 merchants serving a variety of unique, mouthwatering food concepts. The first of its kind in Makati, Buendia Food by the Court is an extensive food park with its own basketball court, located conveniently in the middle of the metro. 

Whether you want to burn a few calories post binge, work up an after-game appetite, or you simply want to chill with friends in a hip, laid back environment that just happens to offer some of the best grub in the city, BFBTC is your best bet. Buendia Food by the Court, with its wide variety of curated food options, has something for everyone. 

I've featured and introduced Buendia Food by the Court in another post, which you can read here: Buendia Food by the Court: Food, Fun, and Basketball, and the next few blog posts will focus on each of the food stalls that we tried that afternoon. 

Korvits Grill is one the unique stalls at BFBTC as they specialize in everything goat's meat. Their dishes are familiar Pinoy entries having caldereta and adobo as the stars of the menu. Korvits Grill also have fish dishes if you're not brave enough to eat goat meat.

Goat is a healthy meat source that has become popular in restaurants and stores. Most people think that goat meat is only for pulutan but did you know that it has been consumed around the world for centuries, and it's prevalent in Mexican and Indian cuisine? 

We tried their Kalderetang Kambing and Adobong Kambing and FYI this is my first time to eat goat meat. The meat, in my opinion, is both tender and gamier at the same time. They are tougher to chew than the meats we are more accustomed to, but tastier. It tastes different than beef or lamb or veal. 

I LOVE caldereta, it's one of my favorite Pinoy dishes of all time especially my grandma's and my versions. Korvits version of their caldereta had a lot of carrots and potatoes and is a little bit dry for my liking. It tasted good with a well-balanced flavors of sourness and sweetness, but not the version that I would usually eat. I like my caldereta sauce very saucy thick, a bit sweet, a bit tangy with lots of pureed tomatoes and a bit spicy.

Just like Caldereta, Adobo has a lot of versions too. On the other hand, Korvits’ adobo is one of the versions I really like. There was a good harmony of ingredients in there. Quite flavorful and with heaps of toasted garlic pieces that goes well with soy sauce, vinegar and black pepper.

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Shrimper's List

Sen. G. Puyat Avenue cor. Bautista & Finlandia Sts.
Makati City Philippines
Contact No: (02) 744 5510

Contact No:0995 055 9991 

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
Korvits Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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