August 25, 2017

Buendia Food by the Court: Brothers Blends

In less than a year, Buendia Food by the Court has already established itself as a favorite foodie destination and hangout in Makati City. Launched early this year by SUDECO, the unique food park, which also houses a basketball court, started out with 13 merchants. Today, BFBTC has a total of 27 merchants serving a variety of unique, mouthwatering food concepts. The first of its kind in Makati, Buendia Food by the Court is an extensive food park with its own basketball court, located conveniently in the middle of the metro. 

Photo by: Kristian Mendoza

Whether you want to burn a few calories post binge, work up an after-game appetite, or you simply want to chill with friends in a hip, laid back environment that just happens to offer some of the best grub in the city, BFBTC is your best bet. Buendia Food by the Court, with its wide variety of curated food options, has something for everyone. 

I've featured and introduced Buendia Food by the Court in another post, which you can read here: Buendia Food by the Court: Food, Fun, and Basketball, and the next few blog posts will focus on each of the food stalls that we tried that afternoon. 

Brothers' Blends is one of the healthy options at BFBTC. It is a farm to table juice and coffee company where ingredients are sourced with the local farms. Their menu that includes cold-pressed juices, smoothies, coffee and healthy snacks are made from fresh produce and homemade ingredients. 

In most cases, you wouldn't usually find a food stall in food parks where they offer food items that veers towards eating healthy, after all you want to binge eat when you're in a food park (most people do). It's good thing though that you have this option at BFBTC, you know, to balance out what you gobbled then cleanse your digestive system afterwards.

Brothers' Blends drinks are unique and so is the way they serve their drinks as they place the drinks in containers that you would usually see during your science lab class. That was pretty cool if you would ask me.

The first photo features Tomorrow's Leaf (green) and Drop the Beet (pink) while the second photo features the Detox Delight.

Tomorrow's Leaf contains Angelika Kiekie (ashitaba), green apple, oranges and stevia (natural sweetener and sugar substitute). Ashitaba or famously known as a plant that an angel brought to mankind which improves liver function, boosts immune system and relieves fatigue. The taste was subtle and the apple flavor was the obvious one, which people who are new to juicing would enjoy. 

Drop the Beet contains beet, red apple, lemon and stevia. The betacyanin contains large amounts of iron for prevention of anemia making it ideal for women and it helps in the elimination of fatty; liver while promoting liver, gallbladder and spleen activity. This is for the advanced juicers as the taste of beet is very  earth-like, it is as if you're drinking something were soil was mixed in it. I remember when I tried juicing and beet was included in the ingredients, I would usually drink it straight up while pinching my nose.

Detox Delight has lemon, century pears and stevia. Lemon is abundant in Vitamin C, boosts immunity and helps relieve fatigue. Excellent antioxidant which helps preserves beautiful skin, eliminating toxins, regulating menstruation and overall cleansing of the body. This is by far the most subtle of all the drinks that we tried from Brother's Blend as this taste just like the usual lemonade. Everyone would enjoy this like any other juice but with more healthy benefits.

Besides their healthy juices Brothers Blend also offers hot and cold coffees, frappuccinos and frozen yogurts. Speaking of that, Brothers Blend has this Ashitaba Soft Served frozen yogurt which is super healthy with benefits that includes diabetes control, improve metabolism, strengthen the immune system and help manage weight loss. Now you can eat a dessert and customize it sans the guilt.

photo by: Robin Lumapas

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Sen. G. Puyat Avenue cor. Bautista & Finlandia Sts.
Makati City Philippines
Contact No: (02) 744 5510

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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