August 18, 2017

The Importance of Food Presentation

The anticipation, the tantalizing fragrances, and the perfect atmosphere – they all come together into a harmonious meal when even the simplest dishes turn into a feast. But few things can disrupt this lovely kitchen Zen like a poorly assembled plate, with one lump of food staring you in the face with no sense of order.

The devil is in the detail, many chefs would say, and if you pay attention to the right ones, your regular daily dining can become as splendid as a restaurant outing. We are visual creatures, but our senses work together to form a unique experience, and your meal is no exception. 

1. Playful angles
Texture, layers, hues, you name it, your recipe will suddenly gain a whole new dimension of fun and appeal with it! Plus, what may start out as an attempt to add a contrasting shade and break the monotony of your dish might actually end up giving it an added zest, as well. Combining plain roasted chicken with mashed potatoes is an all-time family favorite and the epitome of a Sunday comfort lunch. Yet, the shades are dull and texture almost non-existent, so introducing green with cooked peas, some orange with fresh carrots or a touch of parsley to decorate your plate can make your meal pop. 

2. The package matters
An important segment of how you serve your food comes from the tableware, its size, shape and shades. Take it from French chefs who will tell you to keep it simple and the portions small, and for a good reason. You want your meals to be steal the spotlight, while vivid patterns can be distracting from the food. Clean, soft and subdued primarily in monochromes and perhaps with a discrete detail can be used in any situation. A romantic dinner for instance will look stunning served in plain white for darker foods, or an inky hue for brighter meals, while wooden platters add a touch of nature. 

3. Just a dab, a drizzle, a drop
Sauces give wonderful layering and form to your presentation, and you can play with colors and tastes to bring out the dominant ingredient, or to add a subtle contrasting aroma. You can place them all around the dish, completely over or just in traces to include a touch of symmetry around the dish. Lines, pools, brushes and droplets can do wonders to give a fun twist to your meal. Add to that the freedom to give height to your dish, and you’ll create more room by stacking on various ingredients in perfect taste synchrony, so that all it takes is a single slice, and you have a perfect bite, dipped in delicate sauce. 

4. Think mini thoughts
Bite-sized portions have become the final frontier of culinary expertise lately. It takes a steady hand and plenty of imagination to give such small quantities of food all the more piquancy. But don’t be deceived by their size, and learn from Australian chefs who have turned it into an artistry. Even when it comes to innovative finger food catering – they serve to impress all of your senses. Platters filled with dozens of colorful ingredients are an incredible way to celebrate a business deal gone well, or an authentic birthday with your loved ones. The beauty of going mini is that you can offer diversity and accommodate all preferences, be they vegan, gluten-free, meat-lover, or those with a sweet-tooth.

5. Less is more
Overflowing your plate juicy spaghetti and meatballs may have been attractive back when you were a starving student, but now that you have the freedom to play and experiment, minimalism is your classiest option. This doesn’t mean you should use a pizza plate to serve a single piece of cheesecake, but be clever with how you use space and how you arrange the ingredients. 

Style requires space, and use up about 40% of your plate for food, and reserve the rest for styling, slicing and dipping. With enough room, you can combine more complementary flavors and contrasting hues, without overcrowding the dish. And most importantly, there’s always room for seconds for those who are impressed by your culinary skills!
Guest Post by: Sophia Smith

Sophia is a beauty and style blogger and eco-lifestyle lover. She is very passionate about natural  skincare, yoga and mindful living. Over the years she wrote pieces for: Eco Warrior Princess, How to Simplify, Urban Naturale, Viva Glam Magazine, Art of Healthy Living and Oh My Heartsie Girl. You can find out more about her writing following her on: Facebook  Twitter  Google + 

Thanks a lot for this article Sophia!

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