August 3, 2017

Red Bikini Bottoms

I have tried wearing all sorts of bikini style and colors, but one color I haven’t really got a chance to own are red-colored swimsuits or red bikini bottoms. Well, whenever I see a red swimwear, what comes to my mind are those uber sexy Baywatch lifeguard babes I used to watch on TV back in the 90’s. It’s like wearing that color was exclusively for them or for women who have “the body” to wear them.

But nowadays everything is absolutely fine when it comes to fashion; women have become very experimental and confident about themselves: their bodies and skin color that nobody can tell them what not to wear. It is a 365 days of summer where I live. That's why even if it is already the rainy season, I still buy swimwear whenever I see a pair or piece that I really like. 

It’s one of the many perks of living in a country that lies on the equator and in tropics is that though monsoon season is inevitable, most of the time the weather is always sunny than gloomy. So one can always go for a swim in the nearby clubhouse or go to the nearest beach on any given weekend.

Since I do not have the slender body that I used to have when I was a bit younger, (yeah I like to believe I used to be slimmer haha!) I am on the look out for swimsuit styles that would still be stylish enough to wear on its own. I don’t like wearing board shorts, t-shirts or tank tops when I'm swimming. So even if I gained a few (or maybe a lot) pounds, I always wear swimsuits.

I would really love to wear red for swimwear, it can either be in solid color or color-blocked or in prints just like the ones featured in this post from Rosegal. Well I might greatly consider that for next summer. But for you guys out there who’s just welcoming the summer season care to give wearing red bikinis a try? 

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