August 19, 2017

TRSisterhood: Tequila Rose x Sugar Factory

Tequila Rose is a strawberry cream liquer fearlessly combined with an exotic tequila thrill. It flirts with the line between naughty and nice. Tequila Rose is guaranteed to be a good time, anytime, whether it's night or day, staying in or going out, the smooth, easy taste and festive pink color of Tequila Rose is always a recipe for fun. Just ask the ever-feminine but fierce icon rose, "Life is short. Enjoy the roses."

Me and other blogger friend where invited to the launch of TRSisterhood - the sisterhood of women who loves Tequila Rose. The event was held at Sugar Factory Shangri-La The Fort. It was hosted by Philippine supermodel and host Sanya Smith and music was played by DJ Jeremy Blake. Since it was a Wednesday, the attire was strictly pink, because you know, "On Wednesdays we wear Pink." 😉

Guests were treated with entertainment, food and drinks. Drag queens performed lip-syncing and dancing to the tunes of well-known divas like Beyonce, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and others. These queens were on fierce and on-point! I enjoyed every bit of their performances especially when the Beyonce impersonator sung and danced with the song "Put a Ring On It" because she even evoked some audience participation. 

We were also able to enjoy signature drinks with Tequila Rose base. I love the rainbow shots and the Tequila Rose fountain shake. We made and designed our own Tequila Rose shakes and they were pretty AF! The drinks were so good too! I had one too many shots that night. Good thing Tequila Rose don't taste so much of a liquor so it's an easy and enjoyable drink.

We also played some games and I won twice! Yes to being competitive (in a good way), giving out our best and using our imaginations! I love the Drama Queen segment wherein we played tableau or paint me a picture because it was so fun! I and my team mates had the most unique interpretations of each situation. And yes we won all 3! Landslide win! Woot!

Besides all the games and drinks, we also got to try Sugar Factory's finger foods or appetizers. Unfortunately I was not able to take photos of any of it except for the Tequila Rose cheesecake which was yummy. I love their mac and cheese balls too. Well maybe next time I'll go back there to try their dishes out.

It was truly a fun night to remember especially together with my group of female friends/bloggers. Oh by the way, Tequila Rose now comes in 3 flavors: the original TR Strawberry Cream, TR Cocoa Cream and TR Java Cream. You can get them at your local liquor stores and supermarkets. Just don't forget to only have clean fun and drink within your capacity.

Check out Tequila Rose and Sugar Factory here: and
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