January 28, 2019

5 Romantic Ways to Spend Valentine's Day with Your Loved One

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, lovers all around the world are getting ready to celebrate their love by planning the perfect date for their partner. However, there are many loving and caring people who simply can’t think of a single romantic thing to do, let alone create the ultimate Valentine’s Day experience for their loved one. If you are one of those people who are looking for some great date ideas that will melt your partner’s heart, then just keep on reading. Here are five romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one:

1. Plan a candlelit dinner
You don’t necessarily have to take your partner out to a fancy, expensive restaurant that is undeniably going to be crowded on Valentine’s Day. Instead, arrange your own romantic candlelit dinner at home. Make a gourmet meal together, then set up the table and create a romantic atmosphere with some candles and your favorite bottle of wine. Put on some soft, romantic music to play in the background and dim the lights so that it’s mostly the candles lighting the room. Once the dinner is over, slow dance to one of your favorite love songs then see where the night takes you.

2. Surprise them with a thoughtful present
Instead of the usual chocolate box and a bouquet of flowers, why not give your loved one a more meaningful gift this Valentine’s Day? Make a photo album of all of your favorite memories together or create a scrapbook with photos, tickets and receipts from the places you’ve visited together. Write them a romantic, handwritten letter and pour your feelings out onto the paper or even film a video of yourself proclaiming your love to them. There are also many places where you can find unique and special Valentine's Day gifts online that your partner is undoubtedly going to love and cherish. A thoughtful present is always a memorable one.

3. Arrange a rosy surprise
Another creative Valentine’s Day date idea would be to buy your loved one a dozen roses and hide them in different places in the park or around the neighborhood. Attach a note to every rose with a clue informing them where to find the next one, and the last one should lead them to you. The place you choose to wait for your partner is entirely up to you – this could be anything from the place you two first met or the place you had your first date in a romantic restaurant or a hotel room decorated with candles and rose petals to set the mood.

4. Go for a walk on the beach
If you have the opportunity, taking a ride to a secluded beach at sunset is one of the most romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Is there anything more wonderful than strolling barefoot down the beach, holding your partner’s hand and watching the beautiful colors of the sky slowly fade away? If you can arrange it, you can follow the romantic walk with a candlelit dinner underneath the stars, with soft, sensual music playing in the background. You can even arrange a dinner like this at a lake or a pond and rent a small boat, so you could row to the middle of the lake to look up at the starry sky and feel the magic of the universe.

5. Plan a romantic getaway
Going on a romantic getaway with your partner is quite possibly the best way to spend Valentine’s Day. Spending a long weekend in a beautiful place away from home is a wonderful way to get some much-needed quality time with your loved one and it’s the best way to ensure you devote all of your time and attention to your partner. Rent a room in a fancy hotel, complete with rose petals on the bed, champagne chilling in a bucket of ice and a bathtub fit for two, and enjoy the delightful experience.

You can choose any of these amazing date night ideas, make some adjustments to suit your partner’s character or even combine different options to create the perfect Valentine’s Day date for your loved one. Just remember to plan ahead, have fun and celebrate your love proudly.

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