January 17, 2019

RebeccaFashion Guide: 3 Reason Why You Should Love and Try Hair Extensions

The image of beauty, as we know it, has changed. Throughout the decades, standards have evolved dramatically; now there is not just one specific criterion to define how beauty is perceived. Most times when one feels good about himself or herself or comfortable with his or her own skin, one can automatically feel or look beautiful. 

Confidence or how you carry yourself whatever the color of your skin, what haircut you are sporting, what style of clothing you choose as long as you can carry yourself well, you are considered beautiful. Also, with the proliferation of affordable stuff that you can purchase or employ to make you look and feel good gives you no excuse to be presentable. 

Say for example you do not like how your face looks like, you can always wear makeup or have a cosmetic surgery. And no judgement about them, well, those who judge are living under a rock since hello we're living in 2019 and if you have that backward mentality or ideation about beauty then you are at a lost. 

Nowadays when you don’t like how you look or if you don’t like your hairstyle, you can always alter them. Sometimes with just a flick of the finger. For example, the use of hair extensions when you want to have long and voluminous hair. I mean, hair extensions can make you feel lit AF! They have been a major pillar with celebrities and common people alike. 

With the ability to create an p illusion to go from short hair to long hair or from to straight hair in an instant completely changes the game. Because for a woman, her hair will always be her crowning glory. As much as possible, women nowadays want their looks to change quite often and hair extensions have provided different styles and always keeping look fresh and new for some ladies. 

There are three major reasons why you should love and try hair extensions: 

Hair extensions add volume to hair. It is one of the major pros of using them. Not all of us are born with a hair density that is thick. Some are genetically born that way and some have dull and thin hair and a lot of times that becomes a problem for others. 

A lack of volume in our natural hair is why most hair products such as mousse or hairspray provide that extra hair lift to give your mane more volume. For this hair woe, you could use body wave  extensions which can help a lot! Achieving a more natural hair volume and density could take some time or sometimes not even possible at all. But since we live in times where instant is the new thing, extensions can dwindle that time down from a matter of years to a matter of seconds.


Hair extensions can help you achieve the hair color that you have been badly wanting to sport. A lot of girls love to try new and non-conforming hair colors but bleaching hair scares a lot of women as this may cause a lot of damage to their own natural hair. I also know someone who is allergic to hair dyes and using those organic ones does not give her the color that she really wants to achieve. With hair extensions you can dye them just like your real hair or find the ones that are already colored. Put them on in minutes and you can walk in any room looking and feeling like a whole new woman.

Lastly, hair extensions give you that hair length that you so sought for. Having longer hair also provides flexibility for styles. There are available remy hair extensions that are made of real human hair that have lengths that goes as long as up until your butt. You can put it in a bun, curl them or straighten them whenever you feel like it and it would not hurt or damage your own hair.


Like with anything that exists in this world, everything has pros and cons. It is up to us on how we can use them to our advantage and to redefine beauty as we know and based on how it will make us feel great about ourselves. 

If you've been wanting to try hair extensions like myself for a long time now, you might want to check RebeccaFashion now since they have an ongoing promotion with the Remy Hair extensions line. Just click on the banner below and check it out! 

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